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6 Reasons for Male Infertility

More often it’s believed women have issues related to fertility but what many people don’t know is that close to half of the infertile couples have male-factor infertility. Lifestyle plays an important role in one’s health conditions. Once you start paying attention towards the little habits, it’s almost impossible to not make a connection between your health and lifestyle, you finally connect the dots. There’s no denying that there are many medical reasons that cause infertility in men. Dr. Hsieh, who provides male infertility treatment in San Diego believes it’s important to take care of one’s own health. Many other male infertility doctors San Diego also agree with that. Other than the medical reasons, there are many lifestyle choices we make that pose a major threat to our reproductive health. Here, we are listing 5 such blunders for men to avoid in order to have a healthy reproductive life:

Substance Abuse

Using drugs can affect the hormone levels which consequently affect sperm movement and lead to infertility. It not only reduces the number but also the quality of the sperm. Usage of steroids like Anabolic steroids can cause the production of hormones to go down and ultimately lead to shrinking of testicles which causes a reduction in the production of sperms. Many male infertility treatments in San Diego have also proven this.

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol can reduce the sex drive, cause impotence and affect sexual performance along with the quality of the sperm. Alcohol consumption not only lowers testosterone level but also causes erectile dysfunction thus reducing the reproductive potential.


New findings have been made which says that stress can decrease the quality and quantity of the sperm which often leads to infertility. It hinders the process of sperm production by interfering with certain hormones. It negatively affects the sexual drive and causes one to be less energetic.


It has been proven that overweight men tend to have lower levels of testosterone than compared to the healthy males. Fat cells play a major role in managing and producing hormones and when fat cells go out of control, so does the hormone levels. Obesity also has been a major factor behind erectile dysfunction which can have a severe effect on one’s reproductive health.

Tobacco smoking

Tobacco smoking causes sperm immobility and sperm abnormalities in addition to the other life-threatening effects it has. In a detailed study where various smokers were compared to non-smokers over the years has proven this fact that it decreases sperm density and quality often paving the way to infertility.

Unhealthy Diet

Study findings are believed to come to a conclusion that those who consumed the highest amounts of saturated fats had a reduction of 35% in sperm count and a 38% lower sperm density compared to those who had the smallest amounts of these fats. Unhealthy diet not only interferes with one’s health but also affects the reproductive system. Dr. Hsieh, male infertility doctor San Diego provides an individualized treatment plan that best addresses the specific needs of the couple.

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