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Five Important Truths That Must Be Told About Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers

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We love to smile. Well most of us anyway. We love to grin and show off those pearly whites, but some of us are ashamed about our smiles and our teeth. The items we consume can be detrimental to the appearance of our teeth. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry has become an integral part of our generation. More and more people are paying for the opportunity to heighten their oral hygiene and attain the perfect smile.

Dentists have created a plethora of options when it comes to fixing our teeth. From crowns and bridges to braces and in this case, porcelain veneers. If you are considering purchasing porcelain veneers, you might have a few questions regarding the process and how veneers work. To help, we have assembled five important truths that you must know about porcelain veneers.

What Are They?

Porcelain Veneers are thin shells of ceramic, usually constructed of several thin layers and an adhesive backing. The ceramic serves to replace the destroyed tooth enamel and give the appearance of a brighter and healthier smile. In order to properly apply your porcelain veneers, your dentist will remove a sliver of your tooth’s enamel – at least a millimeter. The section of enamel is removed in order for the veneers to fit inside the patient’s mouth and maintain normal tooth function. A light layer of adhesive resin is applied between tooth and veneer. Using a special curing light, the resin hardens solidifying a bond between the two surfaces. Through this process, veneer and original tooth are bonded together resulting in a more natural and perfect smile.

If the process of traditional veneers appears to be invasive procedure for you, an alternative exists in the form of “no-prep” veneers. The procedure requires the removal of less enamel and it’s a quicker process. Consult with your dentist about this procedure.

A huge benefit of veneers are that they are constructed specifically for your teeth. They are guaranteed to fit and suit your particular style. Furthermore, their ability to brighten teeth is considerably understated. Dental veneers are constructed for a high quality porcelain with the ability to reflect light in the same way natural teeth do. Unlike natural teeth, Porcelain is a stain resistant material, making it perfect for teeth. Worries about coffee stain are now a thing of the past and you can smile with ease.

Can You Tell The Difference?

To answer the question directly, no you cannot and neither will your friends and family. Cosmetic Dentistry has improved so much that veneers are so thin they are barely noticeable and seemingly transparent. Veneers serve as an effective solution for teeth that are unable to be whitened. Additionally, you can choose the color of your veneer. If you are looking to brighten your smile, you should heavily consider whitening your teeth before initiating the procedure for installing your veneers. Veneers can help to the reduce gaps in your teeth and straighten.

How Long Do They Take To Put In?

The process to achieving the perfect smile is not particularly easy. A consultation is required to analyze your smile and attain whether veneers are the perfect option for you. During your consultation, you can discuss with your dentist the aspects of your smile which you wish to enhance and the aspects you wish to change. From this knowledge, your dentist can help construct your desired smile. The process for creating veneers takes some time, specialists are creating a tooth from several layers of porcelain. However, once developed, a set of veneers can be put into place during a single visit. Usually within a week, your veneers should be firmly in place.

How Long Do They Last?

With proper care, veneers should last from seven to twenty years. Nevertheless, porcelain can be prone to chips and wear. If so, they will need to be replaced. Most dental experts state that porcelain veneers will last all long as you take care of them. Treat them like regular teeth, exercise proper dental hygiene through consistent brushing and flossing, doing so will help ensure they last.

If for any reason, a veneer needs to be replaced, only the damaged veneer in question needs to be replaced. You don’t need to replace the whole set. It is recommended avoiding stress on your veneers. If you have a habit of clenching and grinding your teeth, your dentist can prescribe a mouthguard for sleeping.

Regular check-ups will also be recommended. Veneers need to be polished by a dental professional and your dentist will need to monitor the success of the procedure.

Through proper dental hygiene, care and replacement, dental veneers offer a lifetime guarantee to those that take considerable care and a long-term solution to the appearance of one’s teeth.

What Are The Downsides To Veneers?

Due to the removal of a significant amounts of enamel during the fitting, your teeth are more likely to be sensitive to temperature changes. Not only that, but the teeth might cause some pain especially along the gumline. Luckily, the use of over the counter medication can be used to reduce the pain.

As previously highlighted, veneers are susceptible to damage. They are considerably brittle and can break under considerable stress.

Similarly, veneers are not a fool-proof solution. Gum recession can occur, and there can appear a color difference between the natural tooth and the veneer, particularly if the natural tooth is darker than the veneer. In these cases, your dentist might suggest redoing the procedure to fix the issue.

Replacing damaged and stained teeth is now an easy process through the advancements of Family Cosmetic Dentistry. Porcelain Veneers are considerably affordable and effective in perfecting your smile. If you are considering this process, consulting with your dentist will be the best way to start. Veneers have been immensely successful in changing the lives of many individuals, restoring their confidence and fulfilling their love to smile. Similar to most things, veneers require work and aren’t foolproof solutions, however, if properly taken care of they can last a lifetime. The results are uncanny. Your perfect smile is one consultation away.

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