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What Does A Dermatologists Do?

What Does A Dermatologists Do

Best dermatologist in Karachi, only at Alkhaleej Clinics. We have the best dermatologist available with us.  A dermatologist deals with health of the skin, nails and hair, there are almost 3000 skin conditions treated. Our dermatologists basically deal and specialize in treating all soughs of skin, nail and also hair problems. They all are trained to carry out skin grafts and laser treatments.  Our dermatologists also provide support for cosmetic issues, helping patients to approve the appearance of their skin, hair and nails.


It’s very important to be aware of everything; hence, while you are visiting a dermatologist you need to ensure that the dermatologist is experienced and most importantly certified. As there are many people calling them dermatologist just because of their cosmetic knowledge but they don’t hold any sought of certifications. At Alkhaleej clinic we have a team of certified dermatologists from abroad.

Treatments Being Offered:

There are many treatments that our expert dermatologists are offering. Whether it is related to cosmetics or it’s about treating wrinkles, freckles and scars. Our team of dermatologists is treating all soughs of skin conditions.

  • Laser Hair removal, sometimes people tend to have a lot of hair on their face which are commonly known as facial hair. This starts to give your face a hairy look and with our team of dermatologists we are offering you laser hair removal treatment which would help you get rid of all the facial hair.
  • Sometimes freckles also start to occur; they are basically tan or light brown spots on skin. They are made of clusters that contain pigmentation. No one is born with freckles however, they could be genetic. They get triggered by the sun exposure. Our dermatologists are also treating freckles through our laser treatment.
  • Acne is one of the major concerns for women these days. We are treating this by using advanced equipment. Derma pen is a medical tool that helps to remove the acne scars. It has been providing amazing results since past few years. Micro needling is known to be a cosmetic procedure which helps treating aging spots and the fractional Co2 laser which is also known be an effective laser for the treatment of acne scarring.
  • Scar is known to be a seamless organ. Imagine a piece of silk. Just one tear can make a big difference in how it looks. It’s the same with skin. Any injury, can cause a scar. We are treating it with surgeries, steroid injections or silicon sheets to flatten and lighter the scar.
  • Not just this but our dermatologists are also providing cosmetic treatments for skin, such as skin whitening, Botox, Fillers, thread lifting, hydra facials, facial rejuvenation and a lot more.

When You Should See A Dermatologist?

Sometimes, you just start to witness a dull looking skin. This is usually symptom of disease that is affecting the skin and would slowly start affecting hair and nails also. Whenever, you witness this, you should immediately consult a dermatologist before things start to get worse.

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