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6 Reasons Cable Management Techniques Are Essential

Cable management safety is essential for many different reasons.  A lot of people don’t realize how important cables and proper placement are until there is an error or malfunction that needs to repaired and the price is astronomical. Here are six reasons cable management techniques are essential and how to keep equipment in working order for the cables.

6. EMI 

One thing you need to make sure does not happen is EMI.  EMI is electromagnetic interference and when this occurs, a lot of systems, such as computers and other electronics that use the cables will be affected.  The main issue with EMI are errors with data transmission.  In order to keep this from happening, you need to make sure the cables are always separated.

5. Arrangement and Security 

When cables are not arranged as they should be, many different problems can arise.  Make sure you use the correct cables and they are placed in the correct ports.  When you are using more than one cable, the cables can become tangled and cause damage to the cord which can result in many different errors.

6 Reasons Cable Management Techniques Are Essential

4. Blocking Issues 

Some cables are longer than others and some are shorter than others which can cause an issue with components that are mounted. In this instance, you need to make sure all cables are properly inserted into the correct port and they are not blocking other components, such as rails, racks, and other components that may be used in this situation.  Every cable should have a designated place so it does not interfere with other cables and networking instances.

3. Damage Control 

Damage is one thing you need to consider when cables are concerned.  There are many different types of cables that can be used, and it is essential you to care for each type of cable specifically.  One type of cable that needs extra care are fiber optic cables.  Fiber optic cables can easily be damaged or destroyed.  Other cables should be kept separate to ensure damage is not done to fiber optic cables.  In order to secure these cables, it is in your best interest to use Velcro ties.

2. Going with the Flow of Things 

One thing that can damage any type of cable is heat.  Heat can destroy any type of cable to the point of no return.  Once a cable is damaged by heat, it is has to be thrown away and replaced.  The cables should be kept cool and an abundance of airflow needs to be constant to ensure the cables and equipment remains cool. A lot of equipment requires a lot of power to run effectively which means the heat needs someone to go. Heat usually escapes through the vents of the equipment but what does this mean for the cables?  As long as the cables and equipment are kept in a cool environment, heat should not be an issue.

1. Stick to the Code 

There is a code you need to follow as far as cables are concerned.  Each cable must have a clear trace to what they are connected to and they need to be kept separate from other cables.  You need to make sure your equipment remains in proper working order and one way to do this is to make sure your cables are connected properly and kept cool.  In order for your business to thrive, your equipment and other components need to be reliable.

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