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What You Need To Know About Western Food Restaurant

Virtually every region in Singapore boasts a western food restaurant. This is essential in catering to the needs of the European and American tourists who frequent this destination and also to offer an alternative to the taste buds of the Singaporeans. Some citizens, unfortunately, report culture shock upon their visit to these foreign food stores. Hence, understanding the following features of western food restaurant is essential.


Rice meals. Rice is a staple among Asian recipes. From Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and Filipino meals, rice is the ever-present element that goes along with the featured viand. This feature is the main difference between Asian cuisine and western offerings since western food restaurant only offers a handful of rice meals in their menus. First-timers of western restaurants should therefore be ready with this fact since they won’t be able to gain their much-anticipated carbohydrate supply care of rice from western restaurants.

Salad preference. Both Asians and westerners love vegetable meals. The difference, however, is that Western salads are generally sweet due to the addition of milk and other food creams while Asian salads are often bland or sour. This distinct feature is a treat to the sweet tooth of non-westerners. Additionally, western food restaurants also showcase salads using uncooked vegetables to preserve the nutritional content of these meals that can serve as appetizers or desserts.

Meat servings. A trip to a western food restaurant will highlight the prominence of large meat cuts on the main courses especially on steaks and grilled ribs or barbecue. Non-western clients are usually surprised with this feature since they are acquainted with the smaller cuts of pork and beef on regular dinners. Consequently, customers are advised to inquire first regarding the size of the meat cuts in order to identify if a meal for one based on the menu is actually enough to accommodate two people.

Penchant for wine. No other region in the world manifests their extreme love for wines than the Westerners. White wines, red wines and other types of fruit wines are enjoyed at every part of the day. Additionally, there are also rules regarding wine serving and drinking and such etiquette can confuse the non-western clients. Accordingly, it would be useful to be oriented with the kinds of wines and serving etiquette that goes with it prior to visiting first class western food establishment.

Supply of savoury sauce. Creamy, flavourful with a signature tinge of the homeland from where it was derived, European restaurants have a rich offering of sauces that complement their main courses. Included in the long list of European food sauces are Hollandaise sauce, butter sauce, basil pesto sauce, Alfredo sauce, salmon and cheese sauces. Asian visitors to these food establishments can ask guidance from the crew on choosing the appropriate sauce for their ordered meals.

Visiting western food restaurants is an awesome experience that can widen the culinary escapades of a person. By keeping in mind the information given in this article; visitors will have a more enjoyable dining experience.

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