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Eco-Friendly Conference Catering Tips

Eco-Friendly Conference Catering Tips

Going green and eco-friendly has never been as important as right now. Not only is it a pressing need for the environment, but it has also become a growing trend that is really quite relevant today.

Eco-Friendly Conference Catering Tips

A lot of businesses have jumped on this bandwagon due to the advantages and benefits it promises our planet. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly catering practices are the way to go now. Here are a few eco-friendly conference catering tips you can practice:

Go vegetarian.

Don’t be afraid to offer more vegetarian meals when catering in conferences. It is said that vegetable farming uses less water and land, and releases less greenhouse gases into the environment. If meat dishes are requested, get from local sources so that the food doesn’t have to be delivered by truck. It is good to be environmentally-conscious in any way possible. Look for the sustainable, organic, and free-range labels in products!

Have a seasonal menu.

When making a catering menu for a conference, remember to incorporate seasonal goods into your food. Check what’s in season in the market and use those local products instead. This would lessen unnecessary delivery by vehicle, which would only waste fuel and add more carbon gases to the air.

Recycle, recycle, recycle.

The number one rule for any person or company who wants to go green: recycle! To be more environmentally-friendly as a catering service, make sure to place a separate container for recyclables. This is definitely more eco-friendly than just throwing everything into one all-purpose trash can. Your recycling containers should be properly marked so that the guests and staff will know where to throw out their food and other materials.

Invest in biodegradable products.

If it is possible to use biodegradable products in an event, then why not go for it? Some of these products are made out of paper or PET plastic which can actually be easily recycled. They offer an alternative to Styrofoam products, which take centuries to degrade and are not environmentally-friendly at all.

Adopt more eco-friendly practices.

Business practices such as emailing contracts, documents, and receipts and conducting online transactions are actually safer for the environment. By not using paper for any form of transaction, these save trees from being cut for paper. This also prevents unnecessary waste.

Go with a catering company that believes in the green agenda with their vegetarian meals, recycling and eco-friendly practices, and biodegradable materials! You’ll be able to have a successful catering service at the conference and help save the environment one step at a time.

Ryan Davis is the owner of Argyle Catering the best company for catering Jefferson City, MO has to offer.

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