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Top 5 Oil Free Snacks That You Must Immediately Switch To!

Top 5 Oil Free Snacks That You Must Immediately Switch To!

We all go by an old proverb ‘health is wealth’. This is something we all know very well, understand it too but fail to follow. In the name of being a foodie, have you ever asked yourself how much junk have you eaten all your life? Our country is blessed with a number of cuisines and each and every cuisine offers us different kinds of street foods and snacks. But, most of them are deep fried. Well think about it our favourite kachori, samosa, vada etc. everything is deep fried. If not all, then, at least most of them.

We somewhere have this mindset that sacks without oil maybe healthy but won’t live up to our taste expectations. So, in my article today, I am going to mention top 5 snacks which come with zero oil recipe in hindi and English too.

  1. Litti ka chokha- for people who consider themselves a foodie, will definitely know this dish, this dish comes from the state of Bihar and is very popular not just there but also in its neighbouring states. The entire recipe is made with the help of no oil.

  2. Moong dal ki chaat- we all love chaat now don’t we? But the problem with the road side chaat is that they use deep fried potatoes and papdi (the crispy puris). But we have over here a very tasty and very healthy chaat option for you people. This is very easy to prepare and is very healthy because of the ingredients and not to forget this uses no oil at all.

  3. Jhaal muri- now again this is a very common and famous street snack that is very popular in West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Orissa etc. This uses muri which we all know as puffed rice, with boiled potatoes and chopped tomatoes, onions and coriander. This is another snack that doesn’t use any oil and is totally yum to have.

  4. Khaman dhokla- dhokla is another famous snack that comes from the state of Gujarat. This is a very famous and popular snack over there. People like to have it in their breakfast, tiffins or even as a tea time snack. Basically no time is wrong for dhokla. The best part about dhokla is that it is not deep fried but steamed, this makes it oil free. Although some oil is used to temper the mustard seeds and curry leaves. But that is totally optional.

  5. Baked potato chips- potato chips are very common and loved snacks when it comes to any nationality as a matter of fact. They are not just famous in our country, but also in different countries. The only difference would be the way they are served. We are used to deep fried potato chips, but we could always switch to something healthy and go for baked chips.

So, this was the list of top 5 zero oil snacks recipes in hindi. I hope you like them all and switch to something much healthier without having to compromise with taste.

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