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Planning For Meatless Fridays

Planning For Meatless Fridays

Did your mother always give you fish to eat on Fridays? In many families it’s a tradition that goes back for many generations. Its origins lie in the early Christian rule to abstain from eating meat on the day of the week that Christ was crucified.

In those days, meat was more of a luxury, and therefore this was seen as a real sacrifice. Nowadays many people love seafood, so the practice is no sacrifice. It’s more of a custom that people tend to follow without thinking about their reasons.

Meatless menus or entrees don’t have to consist of fish either. Lots of delicious meals are made up of vegetables and pulses, often based on rice, cereals or pasta. Variations come from all over the world.

Planning For Meatless Fridays

The recipes in our meatless Friday series will cover the many different types of seafood, all with their own particular nutritious value and health benefits. We’ll also be visiting the Mediterranean for versions of meatless pastas and pizzas. And we’ll move south and east to enjoy cous-cous, barley and bulgar wheat recipes that need no meat to tickle our fancy. Then we’ll trek even further east to find spicy meatless curries to warm us, and delicious vegetarian dishes from the Thai and other oriental traditions.

Here at home many people manage to avoid meat every day, and still live healthy lives. We can devise meals for meatless Fridays made up of our own seasonal produce. Summer salads and winter warmers are all popular and we don’t always need to look farther than our own shores for the ingredients.

Ledges Golf Resort – Fish Rock Grille

Too kick off meatless Friday we will be trekking to the Southwest to visit The Ledges golf resort in St. George, Utah. Although many visitors come to enjoy couple vacations and wedding events, you must not pass up the delicacies at Fish Rock Grille. None for their precise cooking techniques, Fish Rock Grille prepares mouth-watering Ahi Tuna for their Dinner and Appetizer menu. The Ahi Tuna Sashimi on the appetizer menu is served seared and is coupled with pickled ginger and wasabi. Perfect light start just before diving into their one of a kind Teriyaki Ahi Tuna Steak, which again is served seared top with a light teriyaki glaze coupled with rice pilaf and garden vegetables.

So, with that being said, if you and the family or a special someone find yourselves looking for the tastiest meatless menus or entrees around St. George Utah be sure to pop into The Ledges of St. George Utah for a bit to eat or even a couple rounds of golf.

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