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Ways To Improve Your Bottle Service

If you own a bar or nightclub, then chances are that you’re already cashing in in the bottle service craze. Not only can you make a large sale immediately when your customers buy bottle service, but you’re also creating a VIP experience that will have them coming back time and again. However, just offering bottle service isn’t enough to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing nightlife marketplace, so you’ll need to reach down deep and pull out some creative ideas. Fortunately, you can pull ideas from other popular venues instead of starting from scratch, and we’ve put together a shortlist of some of the most profitable ideas out there.

Ways To Improve Your Bottle Service

Diversify Your Menu

Most bars and nightclubs keep their bottle service menu rather short to save on costs. You can make a lot more money if you buy champagne or vodka by the case to sell for your bottle service rather than a large variety of different brands, so this can be a very attractive option. However, if you diversify your menu a little bit, you’ll quickly see your sales go up. Not everyone likes champagne or vodka, so consider adding an option for rum, whiskey, and other popular spirits. You don’t need to have a menu that’s a mile long, but by having something for everyone you are broadening your bottle service customer base and will earn yourself more sales.

Offer Better Mixers

Offering premium spirits to your customers is one thing, but if you aren’t enticing people with high quality and tasty mixers then many customers would rather buy one cocktail at a time. Consider expanding your mixer selection to include fresh juices in addition to the name brand items that people have come to expect. If you want to really set yourself apart from the competition, consider creating custom infusions that your customers won’t find anywhere else. Not only will this increase bottle service sales, but it will also breed loyal customers.

Improve Your Delivery

When it comes to creating a VIP experience for your customers, appearances are everything. Half of the fun of ordering bottle service is that everyone notices you as the bottle is being carried out, so consider adding a little zest to this process. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to do this is to add bottle sparklers to each item as it is being delivered. Your other customers can’t help but look at the sparkling and glittering excitement, which means that the customers who are receiving their bottle will feel like VIPs and other customers will want to buy in on the action too. You can also create a separate VIP section complete with red velvet ropes for your bottle service customers to give them the ultimate experience that will have them coming back for more.

At the end of the day, the key to driving more sales from your bottle service menu is all about giving the customers the right options and making the experience feel very special. Most customers are willing to pay more for a great experience, and little touches can go a long way to creating the illusion that they are a VIP. There are lots of ways to improve your bottle service, but focusing on the experience of your customers is usually the best way to increase your sales.

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