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Must know facts about the Bindi

The Bindi is the most visual form of decoration in India. This decoration is very important to the religion and culture of Indians. This is a dot or an ornamental mark that is placed between the eyebrows at the center of the forehead. The spot where the Bindi is placed is considered to be a major nerve point in the body since time memorial. There are exciting facts about the Bindi that make it that important in the Indian culture and religion and these facts are discussed below.Bindi

  • The red dot

The Bindi is the red dot at the center of the forehead. It is adorned in all parts of India. However, in South India, it can be worn by any woman but in other parts of India, it is mandatory for married woman. It is an indication that the woman is married and it also gives the woman wisdom and strength in her marriage. This dot is very significant in Indian marriages and is a guarantee of the social status and sanctity of marriage. Marriedwomen in India are required to have the red dot because it brings prosperity in the marriage and the life of the bride and gives the married woman or the bride a place as the family guardian. The dot is specifically put on the forehead not because it cannot beput anywhere else but because of the importance of the spot at the forehead and the importance of this spot is discussed in the next paragraph.

  • Hot spot above forehead

The red dot is put at the center of the forehead between the eyebrows. This area is known as the sixth chakra or the agna which means command. Once the married woman puts the Bindi at the agna, she holds some sense of command in the marriage. This spot is also referred to as the place of wisdom. It is believed to be the place where experience is gathered. This spot is believed to be the outlet of potent energy that is helpful in getting rid of bad omen and also giving the woman strength and energy throughout the marriage. This part is also believed to control concentration and therefore the woman will concentrate on making her marriagebetter as long as the Bindi is on this spot.

  • How to apply it

The Bindi has changed due to changes in fashion and tends and there are different ways of applying it. The traditional one is red or maroon in color and is round in shape. The bindi can be easily applied using a fingertip or by use of a specific application brush that has been designed due to changes in trends and improvement in technology. The person applying it pinches a mall amountof vermilion powder and skillfully applies it using the fingertip on the forehead of the other person making a red dot. This dot should be perfectly round and those who cannot get it right use small circular disks to help them get the perfect dot. With change in trends and styles, there are different designs and shapes of the Bindi currently.
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