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Top 5 Tips to Cut Down Your Cooking Time


Most of us little time to do what we love. We want to maximise our time with our friends and loved ones. But, have you ever thought about the amount of time one needs to prepare their breakfast or dinner? Everyone enjoyed home cooked food and healthy cuisines, but they can take some time to prepare. All home chefs should know some shortcuts so that they can cut down on their cooking time. Instead of spending hours preparing for the dish, you may utilise these useful tips to cook faster than what you do now –

  • Peeling garlic gloves can take some amount of time. To cut down on the time, you can smash the cloves with a spoon and put them in a clean jar. Then, vigorously shake the jar and you will see the peels are separated in a matter of seconds.
  • To prepare roasted chicken or turkey for special occasions can be a headache, as they require quite a time. But, there is a easy way to cut the regular time of cooking them by half. Cover the bird with aluminium foil for the roasting process. This allows the meat to be cooked much faster and does not leave it dry and tough. To get a nice browned skin, you can peel the foil in the last few minutes of roasting.
  • If you use many veggies in different dishes, you can parboil chopped veggies them and keep them refrigerated in cool water. When you need them in a meal, just heat them while you are cooking them.
  • Package all the leftovers food properly and freeze them, so that they are not spoiled and can be used as instant meals or use them in creating a unique rice dish.
  • Internet is full of amazing recipes. You can go online and learn more about creating different dishes that you can easily make at home. The idea is to keep learning and practicing until you get them right. You also get to learn many dishes at a time using that your family will love to have.

Whether you are a home chef or a professional cook, you can use the internet to find some amazing cuisines from different parts of the world that you can easily prepare. Be sure to choose a recipe website that offers instructions in a clear and concise manner that are easy to understand.

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