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Tips On How You Can Wear Those High Heels More Comfortably

Each kind of women’s footwear has its own significance and benefits, but nothing beats the high heels when it comes to looking elegant and classy, whether it is for an event or for your workplace. Sneakers, bellies, flats and espadrilles are among the best options for wearing comfortable as well as cool-looking footwear. However, if we talk about adding an “oomph” factor to your get-up for any outing, then no shoe is better than high heels for the job.

 Tips On How You Can Wear Those High Heels More Comfortably

The pleasure of wearing fashionable high heels can be understood after watching funny commercials like this from where it is shown how women go gaga over high heels as this footwear makes them look sensual, alluring and charming. Here, thousands of styles at affordable prices and free shipping services are offered to customers.

You must be wondering how it is possible when the only outcome of wearing this footwear is blisters, pain and blood. The answer is in the tips written in this article for providing different comfortable ways to wear high heels. By following these tips, you will certainly feel hot and appealing whenever you wear high heels and, that too, without damaging your precious feet.

Heel Placement and Sole Thickness

There are some design features of high heels, which when used, enhances one’s overall comfort. Apart from the requirement of a proper fitting of high heels, you must pay attention to the way your weight is supported by the heels. The center of the high heels must lie directly below the midpoint of the heels of your feet. Thicker heels or narrow heels with a little dip at their top are the most suitable choices here.

Choose the heels with some amount of padding given on their hard surfaces in order to acquire a comfortable platform for your feet and heels. You can use gel insoles if you don’t get any kind of padding in your shoes. Heels with thick platform make it easier for women to stride on the city sidewalks.

Sole Rigidity and Heel Thickness

Look for heels made up of rubber and leather soles instead of plastic and wood soles. The former provide more flexibility and area to the movement off your feet, plus it also helps you to adjust yourself better to the irregularities present in the ground. Wear wider heels for greater stability like thicker wedges whose whole sole comes in contact with the ground. Wear chunkier heels for even distribution of your weight and less pressure on your feet.


Choose those high heels, which prevent them from slipping off the shoes. This also makes it easier to walk comfortably. Like sling-backs, pumps, boots and heels with straps across feet or ankles.

Other tips to help you to make your high heels comfortable are as follows:

  •  Use transparent deodorants on your heels, especially straps, in order to achieve their gentle gliding and avoid chafing.
  • Choose heels which come with adaptable straps along with buckles so that your feet can get suitably nestled in them and problems like blisters, irritation, discomfort and redundant rubbing are prevented.
  • Make sure to preserve your heels and immediately take them to a cobbler when they start becoming uncomfortable and uneven. This will prevent a lot of unwanted damage.
  • Stretch your newly purchased heels to make them more flexible and comfortable.
  • Do your shoe shopping during the night because at that time, one’s feet are in swollen state and this will help you to find out if the heels will smash, crush or pinch your toes in near future.
  • Ensure that you know the accurate size of your feet.

Create a different walk for your wheels by using your primary muscles and standing up fully straight. Make a strut via your legs and hips so that there is a bounce in your steps. Also, you should tap your 3rd and 4th toes with each other for eliminating foot pain, but only if you are not wearing profound peep-toes and sandals with high heels.

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