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Top 4 gifts you can make in 20 minutes!

Mobile covers

Are you good with making gifts at home? If yes, then you will enjoy reading this post. We have some easy to go and gorgeous gift ideas, which you can make at home in just 20 minutes. All you need is a little hard work, all the materials and a little craft skill.

Mobile covers – If you are looking to send simple gifts to someone, then this idea will work well. If you cannot find a certain customized mobile cover and you want to save some on getting it made then paint it yourself. You can buy plain black or clear coloured mobile cases and paint whatever you want on it. This will show out your creativity, and also, you can change or customize the cover according to what you exactly want. The painting part will take you some time depending on your speed but then again, you have to paint very little on a mobile cover, right?

Mobile covers

Clothes – Well, you don’t have to stitch or paint on the clothes, but if you know that your sibling likes certain clothes, but you couldn’t manage to get them that, then you can always work with plain ones. In the case, your sister loves crop tops, which have embellished necklines then you can always make it work. Just buy a plain t-shirt and cut it from the bottom. You can head to an alteration person to stitch the bottom part else you can do it yourself if you know how to. And when it comes to the embellished neckline, then you can buy a collar neckpiece else collar brooches, which will look cool on the t-shirt. This idea is not the best one, but it is a quick last minute gift idea, which you can try. If you want to send gift Pakistan or any other country, then you can directly place orders for clothes online and send them.



Bake something – Are you planning on making a delicious gift hamper to present someone? Well, you can always bake something in 20 minutes and you are good to go. You can make jams, bake muffins and also make brownies using the fridge. Make sure you prepare the batter in advance and leave 20 minutes for the total cooking time for all the recipes. If you are quick and know what you want then you can do everything under 20 minutes too.

Bake something


Unique jewellery box – Is your friend a hoarder when it comes to jewellery? Well, you can make her a unique jewellery box with the help of some books. If you have a book with a hard cover and something you are not going to ever read, then use the pages to make a large square hole in it and make sure you leave the corners of the book. Decorate the cover and make sure you attach ribbons to both ends to shut the box. You can also attach a magnet but then that will take lots of time.

Unique jewellery box


We hope these few ideas help you the next time you are making gifts at

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