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Stronger Muscles With One To Five Anavar

Stronger Muscles With One To Five Anavar

For serious body builders who want to start taking in supplements to increase their natural strength and go beyond their body limits, Anavar is the right choice for them. It is a mild yet effective drug which relatively less side effects as compared to other steroids. It is made up of Oxandrolone and is commonly known as Var. It is primarily used to enhance strength and increase muscle mass. Its secondary objective being stopping fat from depositing which it does through appetite suppression. Anavar comes in the form of pills which makes it readily usable. It is a safe steroid, only if taken responsibly.

Oral Steroid

Anavar is an oral steroid which prevents contamination through injections. We often neglect the fact that although injected steroids give much more quicker results but also have equally strong side effects. With the use of injections contagious diseases and anti bodies can enter our body thus affecting our health and immunity system. Such is not the case with Anavar. Each tablet of Var contains 2.5 mg of Oxandrolone and up to 50 mg a day is sufficient for positive results. The oral steroid if taken more than 50 mg a day on a regular basis, can strain the liver by intoxicating it. 50 mg is an advisable dose which should not be exceeded without expert advise.

Stronger Muscles With One To Five Anavar

Initial Use

The pills were initially designed to cure medical issues, that is loss of weight and muscle strength in AIDS’ patients. Thus a small dose was recommended. But when some trainers saw some positive results, they started using it as a steroid. If one to five Anavar pills are taken in a day, it will not have side effects but in- taking it beyond 50 mg a day regularly, one may face some serious side effects like strain on liver, gastrointestinal issues, increase in toxicity of liver, diarrhea, etc. The steroid is highly preferred by female athletes because it cures osteoporosis and has low virilization risks. Also, doctors recommend Anavar for children because of its stability and mildness, for growth purposes. It prevents stunted growth in children too.

Intake Procedure

Var pills are strong yet mild in nature. The pills can be taken separately or along with other steroids like Deca Durabolin, testosterone or Holotestin. When it is combined with these supplements, a person can experience some very good results. For example, when it is combined with testosterone, it helps in keeping estrogen levels in check and at the same time prevents water retention. When used alongside with Deca Durabolin, it helps in protein as well as phosphocreatine synthesis. Another positive reason for intaking it with other supplements and steroids is to curb its side effects.

Anavar’s initial purpose was to increase muscle mass in people who were losing weight constantly because of their medical issues. One to five Anavar pills a day is a low dose recommended to such patients but when it comes to body building, such a low dose is ineffective. On the whole Anavar is a safe steroid which is in-took orally.

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