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5 Varieties of Teas Taken Worldwide With Their Health Benefits

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Tea is what we start our day with and then revives us in the evening. Even some people end their day with tea. Apart from the ginger tea different varieties of tea from different part of the world are getting popular among people for different health benefits. Green tea has become the most adopted tea in India. A large number of people have switched to Green Tea from conventional Ginger Tea.

Most of the varieties of teas are derived from the same plant but they have different properties and taste based on the fact that what they are blend with and how they are oxidized. All the teas are available online irrespective of the place of their origin. They are also available at discount price using Amazon India coupons.

5 varieties of Teas taken worldwide with their health benefits are as follows:-

  1. Black Tea
    Black tea is made from plant Camellia sinesis. It’s popular in US and Europe because of its rich and bitter taste. Black tea is fully fermented. It is good for oral health as it reduces plaque formation and restricts the growth of bacteria preventing tooth decay and formation of cavities. It is good for heart as it reduces the risk of stroke, prevents colon, lung, breast and ovarian cancer. It is also good for bones and boosts immune system, maintains healthy digestive tract, lowers the risk of diabetes, provides relief from stress and increases energy by stimulating the metabolism and respiratory system.

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  2. Green Tea
    Green Tea is also made from the same plant Camellia sinesis but it is not fermented at all. It is known for improving mental alertness and thinking. It has amino acid L-theanine which increases the activity of inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, increases dopamine and the production of alpha waves in brain. So it improves the functions of brain making you smarter. Antioxidants in green tea lower the risk of many types of cancer as it also lowers the risk of alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease. Green tea boosts metabolic rate lowering the risk of obesity, like black tea it is also good for bones, heart, and teeth etc.

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  3. Oolong Tea
    Again Oolong tea is also derived from the same plant ‘Camellia sinensis’. It is made from leaves, buds and stems. It has almost similar health benefits but it has strong, woody flavor along with a sweet and floral punch. It improves mental alertness and sharpens thinking skills, prevents cancer, osteoporosis, tooth decay and heart diseases occurred because of hardening of arteries and high cholesterol level. It is also taken to treat obesity and skin allergies like eczema.

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  4. White Tea
    White tea is derived from the same plant but it has high level of anti-oxidants as it is the least processed tea. White tea has anti-ageing properties, prevents cancer as well as lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level preventing heart diseases. It also helps to keep bones, skin and gums healthy. It is more effective on germs than green tea killing bacteria and viruses.

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  5. Red Tea
    Red tea is derived from Aspalathus linearis a shrub with long needle shaped leaves in South Africa. It is super high in anti-oxidants and totally free of caffeine. It is taken as the host of benefits. It boosts immune system getting rid of many diseases as well as it is also a good source of calcium like dairy products.

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You can find all these types of tea online as well. Rather it will be easy to order them online using coupons codes like Ebay Coupons to save money and avoid the hassles of finding it in physical stores. You find it on many other online stores from different brands and in many forms like tea leaves or tea bags.

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