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Penalties for Alcohol or Drug Associated Violations by NYC DWI Lawyers

Penalties for Alcohol or Drug Associated Violations by NYC DWI Lawyers

According to NYC DWI Lawyers, driving when you are intoxicated with a drug or alcohol is a crime. A crime such as this can compromise with your life’s freedom and leave you in guilt forever. While intoxicated, the person completely loses the ability to judge, coordinate while driving, and ability to handle the motor vehicle. This may result in person making some bad choices with fatal consequences that can ruin lives. The impairment level depends on the following factors –

  1. Amount of alcohol consumed
  2. Amount of food consumed before and during the alcohol consumption
  3. Gender
  4. Body weight
  5. Time duration for which alcohol has been consumed

A normal body would process one drink per hour and all one can do to avoid getting into DWI trouble is wait until become sober again.

Types of violations related to alcohol and drugs

  1. DWI – Driving While Intoxicated means that the person has Blood Alcohol Concentration level .08 percent or greater. Officials do not rule out the possibility of presence of other evidence proving the person has committed DWI crime. For drivers operating the vehicle having a BAC level of 0.04 percent or higher with other evidence are guilty of DWI. According to NYC DWI Lawyer, a fine of minimum $500 along with license revocation for six months and minimum 1 year prison sentence.
  2. Aggravated DWI – This category will contain the Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.18 percent or more. The fine of $1000 – $2500 is mandatory with a maximum of 1 year prison time. The license remain suspended for at least 12 months.
  3. DWAI/Alcohol – DWAI is Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol. In this category, the subject has 0.05 percent or higher but less than 0.07 percent BAC level. The presence of other impairment evidence is considered.
  4. Refusing Chemical test – NYC laws grant the right to an individual to refuse administering the BAC or chemical test. But, if the person is found guilty of charge, he or she will pay the civil fine of $500 with license suspension.
  5. DWAI/DrugNYC DWI Lawyers say Driving While Ability Impaired by other Drug takes into account abuse of drug. If found guilty, the convict would pay $1000, face 1 year prison sentence, and license suspension for minimum of six months.
  6. DWAI/Combination – Driving While Ability Impaired by influence of Drug or Alcohol violation will sentence the convict of prison for at least 1 year, fine of $500 – $1000 and license revocation for at least 6 months. Second violation will sentence the convict with $500-$750 penalty, prison time of 1 month and license revocation for at least 6 months. Subsequent violation will cause the convict to charge $750 – $1000, 6 months prison, and license revocation for 6 months.
  7. Zero Tolerance Law – States of the US practice much harsher laws for the underage to deter them from committing DWI crimes. If the person who is under 21 years has the Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.02 – 0.07 percent, then the individual has broken the Zero Tolerance Law.
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