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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Miami

motorcycle-accident-lawyer in miami
motorcycle-accident-lawyer in miami
  1. There is a huge need for motorcycle injury lawyers in Miami. There are many accidents and deaths related to motorcycle use. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Florida is one of the top states for motorcycle accidents and fatalities. In 2015, Florida had 550 deaths due to motorcycle accidents. This represents 11% of all fatalities in the USA. So Florida has about 6% of the population but more than 11% of the fatalities. The road that connects Miami to the keys has registered more motorcycle accidents than any similar stretch of road in the USA. The year-round great weather, beaches and long stretches of open roads make Florida a haven for motorcycle riders. The many motorcycle events held in Daytona and other cities provide opportunities for motorcycle enthusiasts to fraternize and show off their motorcycles. Each city has multiple businesses that cater exclusively to motorcycle fans. These industries include dealerships, repair shops and customizing shops. Increased congestion in growing cities such as Miami creates more opportunities for a motorcyclist to get into accidents and then need a good personal injury lawyer to protect them from further harm.

  2. Motorcycle insurance issues can be daunting but a good personal injury lawyer in Miami can explain it in the context of your case. You can start by finding out all the coverages available by your company and get as much as you can afford. A lawyer will explain that motorcycle insurance is different from automobile insurance. Motorcycle insurance companies do not have to sell Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Florida no-fault insurance laws require both parties medical bills be paid regardless of who’s at fault. It is also a fact that bodily injuries can be more severe in incidents compared to automobile accidents.  For these reasons, motorcycle PIP insurance can be very expensive or even not available from Florida insurance companies. Instead of PIP, insurance companies may offer medical payments coverage. As the title indicates, this will pay for medical bills. Motorcyclists should purchase PIP or have major medical coverage Medical Payment at least pay for medical bills. Motorcyclists should also consider Uninsured Motorist coverage because this will pay bills if the other party is not insured. Florida law allows you not to carry motorcycle insurance coverage but you must show proof of financial responsibility. Failure to produce both may result in fines. However, it is still possible to engage a trial lawyer in Miami if the other party in an accident has insurance coverage. Please note that Florida no-fault laws do not extend to motorcyclists. The other party can be pursued for injury, pain, and suffering and lost earnings. This can be a tedious process and a personal injury lawyer is invaluable.

  3. It is best to follow the best practices at the time of the motorcycle accident. This will help a Miami based personal injury lawyer to better represent you. The first practice is to take measures to protect your personal and all others at the time of the accident. This may involve removing yourself and others from a dangerous situation such as a gas leak or a busy road. Never leave the scene of a motorcycle accident regardless of how minor the accident. Call the police. This may be State Troopers or local police department depending on the location of the accident. Obtain a copy of the police accident report as soon as you can. Take pictures of the accident scene from as many angles as possible. Exchange insurance information and notify both insurances as soon as possible. Create a written account of everything that transpired before, during and after the accident. Maintain a file of all information including contacts, insurance documents, police report, medical bills, pictures, and videos. If medical care is needed then secure it as soon as possible. A good personal injury lawyer in Miami will be able to defend your interests and fight for your rights and benefits that you are entitled.

  4. It is of utmost importance to engage a trial attorney and pursue your claim as soon as possible. Florida’s statute of limitation on motorcycle and automobile claims are the same (4 years). Victims of motorcycle accidents should not delay securing a personal injury lawyer for any long period. It should be done as soon as possible for many good reasons. Insurance companies have their own guidelines for paying out claims. It may be less than four years and filing and winning claims outside of their policy can lead to further complications. A motorcyclist claim is stronger when filed in a timely manner. Witness statements, availability of witnesses and documentary evidence carry greater effect that proceedings occur soon after the accident. A personal injury lawyer will help you do so quickly and efficiently. The lawyer will be able to navigate insurance hurdles, official reports and the legal system to secure your rights and benefits.

  5. It is possible to prevail even in cases when you are not wearing a helmet. Florida law does not require that you wear a helmet. A motorcyclist may choose not to wear a helmet and no fines can be levied by police officers. However, it allows a good idea to wear a helmet. All good injury lawyers will advise you to do so. Failure to wear a helmet could lead to more serious injuries. A study of motorcycle related accident shows that almost half occur with just one motorcyclist. This may involve skidding on the road, mechanical failure of the motorcycle leading to a crash or hitting an object on the road. Damage to one’s head can be mitigated with helmet use. Failure to use a helmet may also lead to reduced awards by the court. The concept of comparative negligence applies here. This means that the injured motorcyclist award may be reduced because no helmet was worn. Damages may have been less severe if a helmet was worn.

  6. All motorcycle injury lawyers in Miami and surrounding areas are not equal. Some injury law firms have decades of experience dealing with motorcycle accidents. Larger injury law firms often have more resources to dedicate to your case compared to smaller and less resourced law firms. Better resourced firms can pursue more leads, engage more paralegals and navigate the legal process exploring aggressively mediation or trial options. Injury law firms with a proven record of multimillion-dollar awards from motorcycle accidents are better positioned to extend their success to the motorcyclist in need of help.

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