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Basics of Georgia Criminal Laws

Basics of Georgia Criminal Laws

All the states in the US practice similar criminal laws without much variations, but the method of administering these laws may vary from state to state. Criminal laws in Georgia, Atlanta have provisions for crimes such as sexual assault, computer-associated crimes, identity theft, DUI, robbery, assault and battery, fraud and various homicides. The following article will highlight criminal laws practiced in Georgia. For detailed understanding, contact Georgia Criminal Attorney.

Types of Criminal laws with provisions in Georgia –

DUI laws – In Georgia, a driver operating the motor vehicle will face prosecution in etiher of the two circumstances –

DUI “Per se” – Driver’s BAC levels in the chemical or breath or urine test are 0.08% or above. BAC level is Blood Alcohol Concentration level to test whether the person is intoxicated while driving the motor vehicle.

DUI – Driver driving the motor vehicle is stopped by the official under the suspicion that the person behind the steering wheel is influenced by a drug or alcohol. If the individual is drugged or has consumed alcohol, the court finds him guilty of DUI and considers him incapable of handling the motor vehicle.

Sexual assault laws – Georgia practices much different sexual assault laws than any other state in the US. People who are supervisors or hold disciplinary authority over a person such student-teacher cannot involve sexually with each other. This law stands for nursing homes, long-term care, hospices, home health care, etc. Sexual battery is a crime where the person intentionally makes contact with the other person’s intimate parts without their consent.

Assault and Battery laws – These laws include both “battery” and “assault” offenses that are termed as misdemeanors. If both the offenses are categorized as “Aggravated”, then it will be a felony.

Marijuana Laws – Georgia administers stricter Marijuana or Cannabis laws. But, a number of counties in Georgia may at times offer treatment rather than prison time. If the person possesses greater than an ounce of cannabis, it will be treated as a felony which may result in prosecution of up to 10 years in jail. A Georgia Criminal Attorney can legally counsel the charged as the laws here are in the fluctuating state.

Domestic Violence laws – Domestic Violence is family violence act. The laws of Domestic Violence protects the person from becoming the victim of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse by a family member. Georgia laws state that a person does not have to have marital status to become the victim of Domestic Violence. The family member who can be charged for this crime include the ex-spouse, current spouse, sexual children, grandchildren, grandparent, parent, stepparent, foster children, foster parent, and people in the same household.

Gun Control laws – Georgia laws are comparatively mild where the person will have not to wait for long to buy guns. But, to issue the license the person will have the waiting period of 60 days. The law states that no convicted person or individuals who are mentally ill should possess the weapon.
Understanding these criminal laws along with proper counselling from a Georgia Criminal Attorney can greatly help in getting a fair judgement.

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