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Top Mistakes People Make When Getting Divorced

Divorce attorney miami
Divorce attorney miami

Lets face it, divorce can be a messy situation. There is a certain emotional disposition tied to a divorce that both parties are affected by. Whenever personal emotions are tied to a situation it can make for a daunting and hard process that often results in frustration. There are many different factors that contribute to a couple deciding to get a divorce that range from financial problems, adultery, dishonesty, issues with offspring, and even simply falling out of love with a partner. Any one of these situations usually comes with a heavy emotional load that is hard to see from any other perspective besides an individual’s own. This is why hiring an experienced divorce attorney is so important. If you live in the Miami area and are experiencing the winding road of divorce, getting in contact with a third party that has no emotional ties to the situation but can help you navigate the difficult path of divorce law is key. Divorce Without War is one of your best options if you are looking for a divorce attorney in Miami. They have specialized in divorce law since 1993 and has successfully provided legal guidance for thousands of couples over the years. They have made the headlines of popular media outlets including but not limited to the Wall Street Journal since 2003. One of the best pieces of advice they can offer someone who is just starting the divorce process or intends to start the process is what not to do. So let’s discuss the top mistakes people make when getting divorced.

Court Orders

Right off the bat this is one of the biggest mistake someone can make while caught up in the divorce process. At the end of the day what the court says goes, absolutely. There is no corner cutting or short cuts when it comes to a court order because a court order is just that, an order. It is absolutely crucial to remember that the judge responsible for your case will remember how you behaved and how you acted during the process. If you disobey court orders you are not only subjected to a long list of penalties including but not limited to, being thrown in jail, ordered to pay your spouse’s attorney and legal fees, ordered to pay fines, or being held in contempt of court. Divorce is already a stressful process so don’t make the mistake of adding to that stress by not following court orders. Each state can have different rules and regulations so if you are hiring a divorce attorney in miami that may come with a different set of circumstances and rules.

Hiding Money

This one happens more times than not. In most marriages, spouses usually share a joint bank account because after all marriage is in essence a team effort and partnership. Most people get married with the intention of the marriage lasting forever and leaving no rock unturned so why not share finances? When divorce happens this can be one of the biggest points of friction for a couple. Everyone wants to keep what is theirs and what they have earned so if you are hiding money for whatever reason do not get caught doing it because you may find yourself paying way more in court fees and alimony than it is worth. Most people who hide money (which is essentially stealing) end up getting caught. Being honest, upfront and transparent can go a long way especially in the eyes of the judge responsible for your divorce case. There is no price for peace of mind and the last thing you want to be doing is constantly looking over your shoulder during the divorce process because you are hiding money that will probably be found anyway.

Deciding Not To Compromise

Despite the emotional ties associated with divorce, a compromise and / or deal must occur. No matter which way you cut it the process must be completed in order for both parties to move on with life. If you are unwilling to meet half way or at least make some small sacrifices the long drawn out legal battle will ensure and eventually come to a point where the frustration will wear down each party. The longer the divorce process takes the more expensive and time consuming it will be. Period. If you can’t reach an agreement and the decision of who gets what is left up to a judge you may find yourself being worse off then if you just came to a compromise in the beginning.

Do It Yourself Divorce

Deciding to handle the divorce process on your own may seem like a good idea financially because let’s face it, divorce lawyers can get expensive, but not seeking legal advice by an experienced divorce lawyer can be a critical mistake. You may be missing out on thousands of dollars and could possibly owe your former spouse more than that. If you have nothing to lose and no financial burden it is a different story but for many people they have everything to lose. Hiring Divorce Without War, one of the best divorce attorneys in Miami can mitigate your stress and potential financial loss.

Believing Your Attorney Will Do Everything For You 

Going into a divorce thinking that your lawyer will do everything for you is simply unrealistic. Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars at your disposal this will not happen. A lawyer is there to offer legal advice and help you navigate the rough waters of divorce, not hold your hand and do all the leg work for you. You must be proactive and work with your attorney as a team to accomplish the goals you have set in your divorce process. Your lawyer simply cannot do every task that comes with a divorce such as finding a new place to live, all the proper financial documents, allocating assets, and even coming up with a fair child custody strategy.

At the end of the day your divorce outcome will depend on your work ethic and willingness to compromise. By avoiding the mistakes stated above you will be on track to a speedy and less stressful divorce. Everyone is different and has different needs so you must always do what’s right for you and your family.

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