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How Joint Legal Custody May Be Beneficial For Children and Parents

joint legal custody in Oklahoma City
joint legal custody in Oklahoma City

Coming to terms with the ending of a marriage is a difficult and troubling process. A lot of emotion and passion is a variable that really complicates the decision making process and can hinder the process altogether. A divorce, seperation, or any other kind of marital intervention is stressful but when you add a child into the mix things can often get complicated. In some situations a parent may find him or herself fighting for sole custody of that child and other times both parties are mature enough that they understand they must not pin the child against the other and that they can both be parents that work together despite the marital disagreements. If both parents are willing to put their differences aside and work as a team for the benefit of the child or children, then joint legal custody is the best possible option. If you find yourself in the Oklahoma City area, Bedlam Law specializes in joint legal custody in Oklahoma City and can alleviate the stress and pain of figuring out the best course of action for your family during this troubling time. Most attorneys, more specifically family law attorneys, are there to help. By providing sound legal advice and counseling they will guide you towards a solution that will helpfully benefit both parties but more importantly the child.

Let us discuss the benefits and advantages of why joint legal custody is beneficial for both children and parents.

The Children’s Perspective

When two parents get divorced and the relationship is fractured the children are the first to feel the pain and emotional baggage of the split. This is unfortunately something that cannot be avoided no matter how cooperative the parents are with each other, the simple fact remains, the children will be affected in someway or another. Doing what is best for the children is something that should be at the forefront of the parents minds. Unfortunately this is not always the case and not all divorces are wrapped up in a civil and mature way. Some actually end in a very messy and hurtful manner because at the end of the day a lot of emotion is involved with a split up. It is highly advised to move towards and agreement of joint legal custody for the benefit of the children involved. This shows the child or children in the family that a mutual respect still remains between the parents as well as showing there is a mutual interest for the best possible outcome for your children that will in the end ultimately benefit them. Children are very observant and can easily pick up on undertones no matter the age so when both parents doing what is best for the family while still following through with a divorce it speaks volumes and sets the example that may affect them heavily later on in life. Watching adults set aside differences and working towards a solution can be very beneficial and serve as a lesson. You cannot cast aside a child or children just because of marital differences. Children should always be the priority. If you live in Oklahoma City there are many resources available to parents and children going through a divorce and it is important to capitalize on these services. A experienced and caring joint legal custody lawyer can help with this. While they are there to provide help they cannot do all the legwork and it will take both parties to work with each other and their respective legal team to come to a resolution.

The Parents Perspective

When two people who have had some problems in a marriage there are many factors that could have lead to this decision including financial problems, cheating, arguments, and affairs regarding the children. A lot of the time one party or the other can be blinded by emotions and are not thinking of the children but about what once was. It is absolutely crucial to avoid having tunnel vision as a parent and spouse and to see the opinions and perspectives of the other people in the family that are involved. If one finds themselves in a situation where they are actually in a cooperative relationship with their spouse it may be a good idea to come up with a parenting plan after the joint legal custody is settled. Any child who has both parents in their lives will end up benefiting more and will not have a void left in their lives. A term that is often used when both parents come to a compromise and understanding is coparenting. Coparenting is a solution that many couples come to when they put the best interest of the child first. Cooperation and teamwork are needed for this to work and if that isn’t something that is possible.  Joint legal custody is when both parents have legal authority to make decisions regarding the child this could be anything from religion, education, medical decisions, and even social activity. This should not be confused with physical custody which is different. Both parents can have legal custody but not share physical custody.

It is important to remember that while you may feel that you can work with your (former) partner to come to a resolution it is still very much important to still seek legal advice in the case of a divorce. At the end of the day assets, property, and well being could still be at stake and protecting them is very important. Family law attorneys know the intricacies of  the child custody process and can be there to rely on when it comes to coming up with a plan of execution. At the end of the day joint legal custody is for parents who have demonstrated the willingness and vision to provide the best possible quality of life for the child involved regardless of any animosity they may feel towards each other.

If you are in the Oklahoma City area and need legal advice and counsel, Bedlam Law is one of the top family law practices that specialize in joint legal custody.

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