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Men’s Guide to Shopping Men’s Shorts Online

Shorts are a huge trend unlike olden days. Men have embraced shorts and are constantly exploring new ideas to wear shorts. So next time you purchase men’s shorts online do keep in mind the following!

The short length should be enough that your knees are visible or just slightly covered if standing still. Long enough that you’re not showing the world you rarely tan your thighs; on to be specific, one should not go more than 3 inches above the knees, however the short shorts that come up to your mid thigh level should be your sports shorts for the ease of the movement of the legs and should be generally worn only during sports activities. If you are wearing your sports shorts or running shorts, then one must remember to change them before walking into any restaurant or a formal place as these shorts are just inappropriate for such a setting. The shorts come in various designs and patterns and they serve their function, for example the safari shorts or as we all know them, the cargo shorts have multiple pockets on the side the back the thigh area, are wonderful for hiking or any safari expedition. These are good for a hot weather. The cargo shorts come under the category of very casual shorts and these should be strictly avoided in social settings. These are just ultra-casual shorts those should be worn in just casual settings.


While going for colors, some of the traditional ones are khaki, navy, white and tan! Off white and olive. These are all solid colors that are easy to pull off and look great. If you plan to wear plaids shorts and then go for the ones with white stripes at the base and pair them up with polo shirt to give you that modern edge. This style is being embraced by the modern man. Now if we talk about patterns, the big loud patterns on the shorts should definitely be worn for that beach vacation. These are usually Bermuda shorts. They look wonderful on the beach are fun and are relaxed in the fit.

Material of the Short

Since shorts are worn in a hot weather, it is essential to take a note on the fabric of the shorts when you buy men’s shorts online. One should pay attention that the fabric should be breathable and should not be heavy at all. Most of the shorts that we buy are made from thick cotton and its unfortunate the most comfortable fabrics are expensive to produce. Some of the fabrics that are good to wear are mentioned below.


Cotton Shorts

The most common short material is cotton. It is one of the greatest material, but only if it is woven in a correct manner. Cotton is very light in weight and is a breathable fabric. It is comfortable and is easier to handle while washing. If the cotton is tight woven then it becomes thicker and the air remains close to the body, making it difficult to escape and hence can make us sweat even more.

One of the lightest cotton weaves is the seersucker. It has a dimpled surface that makes it easier for the air to flow out. It is one of the best options to wear in summer as it keeps you cool.

The next is the Madras cotton that is widely produced in India. It has a very loose weave that lets the easy movement of the air. It is a great choice for summer shorts.

Twill cotton is basically heavier cotton, which locks the moisture and air inside. It is not a great summer choice. However, these are durable and are much in fashion these days.

Linen Shorts

One of the great choice for summer shorts are the linen shorts, however the linen trousers are more common than linen shorts. One drawback with this cloth is that it tends to cramped and wrinkles. It is lightweight and comfortable. It is more expensive than cotton. Linen trousers are more common than linen shorts, but if you can find a pair they’re very lightweight and comfortable.


Most of the sports shorts and athletic shorts are made from synthetic materials. Most common being nylon and spandex. The new wicking technology in these artificial materials makes it easier for the sweat to dry, keeping the garment sweat free.

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