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Buying Dirndl – Why Quality Counts

Whichever way you look at it, Oktoberfest just wouldn’t be the same if those in attendance didn’t make an effort to dress up for the occasion. Oktoberfest is famed for a lot of things and has more than its fair share of charms, but it’s nonetheless difficult to imagine the atmosphere and appear being the same without crowds of people in traditional Bavarian costume.

Now more than ever, those looking to head to Oktoberfest from other countries are encouraged to invest in the best quality lederhosen and dirndl – essential for really getting into the spirit of things. But while there are so many costume shops and fancy-dress outlets that sell their own takes on dirndl, it’s infinitely more rewarding to push the boat out and invest in high-end dirndl from a leading international supplier.


It’s often said that if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it properly – this being a perfect illustration of the point. According to the team behind , there’s so much more to donning quality dirndl than simply fitting in with the Oktoberfest crowd, including the following:


First of all, it’s no secret that Oktoberfest is a long, busy and to some extent chaotic affair. A unique weekend of revelry where big beer, big food and big fun are the order of the day – certainly not the kind of event to spend that whole day at in a state of discomfort. Sadly, that’s all anyone can expect if they pick up the cheapest bargain-basement dirndl from a costume shop, which may be amusing in appearance but will soon become no laughing matter at all. From the cheapest synthetic materials to poor manufacturing and right through to ill-fitting sizes across the whole spectrum, low-grade dirndl will do little other than become a genuine inconvenience.

By contrast, high-quality dirndl manufactured by a leading brand is meticulously crafted to provide day-long comfort and maximum enjoyment. Built to last using the finest materials and available in a range of sizes, it’s just the ticket for making the most of your time at Oktoberfest and remaining comfortable in the midst of the chaos.

Cut the Cliché

It’s one thing to rock up at Oktoberfest in full costume, but it’s another entirely not to fall for the usual clichés. There may be thousands of fancy-dress stores and costume shops up and down the country putting their own spin on dirndl, but in about 99% of instances the garments on offer are a million miles from authentic. Most in fact cross the line into the laughable, which isn’t exactly the best way to go unless specifically hoping to annoy or offend a large and proud German Oktoberfest community.

So instead of perpetuating the same tired clichés that could really do with being erased, why not take a little pride in your dirndl? It might be fair to say that the best products on the market don’t come cheap, but it really is the kind of thing that’s worth doing properly or not at all.

Built to Last

It’s also worth bearing in mind that while quality dirndl doesn’t come cheap, it is built to last. There’s really no such thing as going to Oktoberfest once and never returning – chances are you’ll be back time and time again. As such, it makes perfect sense to invest in superior-quality dirndl in the first place which will go on serving you proudly for years, maybe even decades to come.

The difference between the dirndl created by a quality brand and that of a standard costume shop really is night and day. Outstanding quality materials and incredible attention to detail combine to create a head-to-toe look that’s not only stunning, but built to continue looking stunning year after year.

Wear With Pride

Last but not least, there’s such an incredible range of dirndl and Oktoberfest attire on the market these days that it’s perfectly possible to pick up stunning outfits that needn’t be confined to this one event of the year. Along with serving as a staple for any costume party you attend, high-quality Bavarian clothing can be worn with pride for a variety of other occasions.

Again, the difference lies in choosing genuinely authentic and high-quality dirndl over the costume-shop variety, which in most cases is manufactured to be worn once and thrown away. Quite the opposite, high-grade Oktoberfest garments represent uniquely rewarding investments for life you’ll undoubtedly find any excuse to wear! Oktoberfest may only come once a year, but who’s to say anytime of the year isn’t the perfect time for your own private Bavarian bonanza?

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