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Is It Really Healthier to Be Plus Size? Research Suggests, It Is!

It’s official – the time has come to once and for all well and truly nail the point that plus size does not in any way mean unhealthy. In fact, research suggests it to be the exact opposite.

These days, it’s no secret that if you are morbidly obese and massively heavier than you should be, it isn’t going to do your health a world of good.  Unfortunately, and with absolutely no justification whatsoever, the term ‘plus size’ seems to be interpreted by far too many people as another way of saying overweight. But this just isn’t the case at all – it all comes down to body shape.

What so many fail to understand is the way in which it is perfectly possible to have barely a shred of fat anywhere on your entire body and yet to be still well into plus size territory. Not only this, but considerably more than half of the population is technically considered to be plus size, meaning that this is actually the average norm and has nothing to do with being overweight.


It’s really never been more important to draw the line between a genuinely healthy size and dangerous obesity. It’s spiraled out of control to such a point where worrying numbers of people actually believe that to be plus size is to be at a disadvantage health-wise. You shop regularly for Lagenlook clothing, so therefore you must be less healthy than thinner, lighter people.

Well, you might want to try a few concrete facts on for size – science having proven conclusively that to be plus size is to statistically stand a better chance of enjoying better health throughout life.

Seriously – check these out:

1 – Lower Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk

First of all, a landmark study carried out in Sweden found that for those with a slightly elevated BMI, their respective chances of suffering with rheumatoid arthritis decreased significantly. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that to gain as much weight as possible will reduce arthritis risk to zero or thereabouts, but it does certainly provide food for thought. It was suspected for some time that heavier individuals faced an elevated arthritis risk due to increased pressure on their joints – evidence seems to argue otherwise.

2 – Reduced Dementia Risk

Believe it or not, the same is also apparently true when it comes to reducing the risk of developing dementia. Once again, it had been suspected for quite some time that there was a correlation between additional weight and an elevated risk of suffering dementia in later life. Interestingly however, a study that found its way into the pages of The Lancet produced evidence suggesting that the exact opposite was the case. The scientists behind the paper weren’t able to come up with anything entirely conclusive, though the unprecedented scale of the study certainly seems to validate the initial and indeed reassuring findings.

3 – Stronger Immune System

Admittedly, this is something of a debated point among science types, but there are certainly plenty of experts out there who believe that carrying a few extra pounds can make a significant difference to the immune system – and all in a beneficial sense. The speed and power of immune system response is suspected to be positively influenced by a slightly higher body mass index, which may also bring notable benefits to the speed and efficiency with which the respective individual is able to self-repair tissue damage.

4 – Longer Lifespan

Statistically speaking, slightly overweight individuals are considerably more likely to survive serious and chronic diseases than those who are considered to be below a healthy weight. As such, it is perfectly possible for a very slightly elevated BMI to actively contribute to a longer life span in general. And what’s more, the variety of studies have also brought to light evidence suggesting that following illness, injury, surgery and so on, those carrying a few extra pounds tend to recover much more quickly than thinner individuals.

5 – Bedroom Gymnastics?

Last but not least, the debate as to what kinds of people have the most fun in the bedroom is one that will undoubtedly rage on indefinitely. Nevertheless, research seems to suggest that it is in fact those with a slightly elevated BMI that top the table when it comes to bedroom gymnastics – all of which comes down to variations in hormone levels. So while it’s often instinctively assumed that it is the slimmest and most energetic individuals that generate the biggest sparks between the sheets, evidence suggests this may not in fact be the case at all!

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