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5 Common Gynaecological Disorders

Gynaecologicalproblems are the disorders that affect the female reproductive system. The most common symptoms are pelvic pain, vaginal itching, breast pain and lumps. Listed below are few typical gynaecologicaldiseases.

Ovarian cysts

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac within the ovary. The most common cause of ovarian cyst is the formation of thefollicle. A follicle is a small secretory gland. Follicular cystsare formed during the menstrual cycle when the follicle grows larger in size and cannot open to release the egg. The symptoms include pelvic pain during menstrual cycle and nausea.



Endometriosis is a painful condition in which the tissue that is supposed to grow inside the uterus, starts growing outside the uterus. The main cause for Endometriosis is unknown but a theory suggests that blood vessels might transport endometrial cells to other parts of the body. The symptoms include chronic lower back pain and infertility.

Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection as the name suggests is the infection caused due to bacteria in the uterus, urethra, kidneys or bladder. The infection starts at the urethra and moves up the urinary tract. The bacteria causing 90% of these infections are known as E.Coli. The symptoms include a burning sensation during urination and blood in urine.

Poly cyst ovarian disease (PCOD)

Poly cyst ovarian disease is a condition in which a women’s reproductive hormones are not in balance and it can be difficult to get pregnant. There is no definite cause for this disease but genetics could be a factor. A gynaecologist doctor can give you more details on this. The symptoms include menstrual problems and infertility.


Dysmenorrhea is another name for painful menstruation often involving abdominal cramps. There are two types – primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. Primary dysmenorrhea is the common menstrual cramps. Secondary dysmenorrhea is the pain caused due to irregularities in the female reproductive organs. Ask a gynaecologist for more details. The symptoms include abdominal pain and lower back pain.

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