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How to Incorporate Technology in the Workplace to Increase Productivity

Technology is absolutely changing the way we work. It has been predicted that automation could eliminate up to 800 million jobs. However, technology doesn’t have to be the enemy of the worker. In fact, it can be used to help increase the productivity of the workers you already have. Below are four examples of how technology can increase productivity in the workplace.

Productivity Software

It there’s one thing that has greatly increased office productivity in the modern era, it is productivity software. This includes all the different software programs typically associated with office work such as word processing software, spreadsheet software, slideshow software, database management software, e-mail clients and more. Whatever software vendor you use, make sure your office employees have functional productivity software provided to them so they can complete their work in an efficient manner.

Bring Your Own Device

Another possibility you should consider for increasing worker productivity is instituting a Bring Your Own Device policy or BYOD policy for short. In the past, most companies provided their employees with desktop computers that remained in the office to complete their work. However, in today’s world of smart phones, tablets and apps, this isn’t necessarily the most efficient means for allowing employees to complete their work. They may be able to do a better and quicker job on their own portable devices.


It seems logical that people would be more productive in the office than at home. However, this is not the case for everyone. Every job is different and so is every worker. In certain cases, the office may have more distractions than a worker’s own home for completing certain kinds of work. In other cases, to obtain the talent you need for your company, you may need to allow workers to clock in via the internet. Fewer people these days are willing to relocate for a job. Thankfully, allowing certain employees to telecommute can solve this problem.

Collaboration Software

Another way technology can improve productivity is through the use of collaboration software. In the past, collaboration required having employees in the same room working together on a project. Today, this collaborative environment can be reproduced through the creation of a digital workspace that allows workers from all over the world to contribute in real time to the same shared project.
There are many ways that technology can increase productivity in a workplace. It can give employees the tools they need to succeed, and it can also give you access to talent from all over the world. However, this list is only a starting point. Investigate all the different ways that technology can help increase the efficiency of your workers.

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