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5 Reasons Employees Get Hurt in Office Jobs

You may think that there is little risk of getting hurt while working in an office. However, it is still possible to experience both minor and significant injuries working at a desk. These injuries may impact your quality of life, but it may also be possible to obtain compensation to help deal with the aftermath of getting hurt.

Repetitive Motion Can Result in Injury

Bending and reaching multiple times per day can cause muscles, joints and tendons to stretch or pull. Using improper technique to type on a keyboard could cause wrist, hand or finger pain. While the injuries may be minor at first, they can grow more severe if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Staring at a Screen Can Be Painful

Eye strain is a common injury among those who are asked to look at a computer, tablet or smartphone screen for long periods of time. Ideally, you will take breaks every hour or so to ensure that your vision is not permanently impacted by too much screen time.

You Could Slip or Trip on a Floor

A wet floor or a bunched up rug could cause you to slip or trip and fall. If you are involved in such an incident, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits make it possible to pay for medical bills and make up for lost wages while you are out of work.

You Could Be Exposed to Contaminated Surfaces

It is not uncommon for people to eat at their desks. If peanut dust or trace amounts of shellfish get on your desk or other items that you touch, it could result in an allergic reaction. The same could happen if food is contaminated after being put in an office refrigerator.

Carrying Heavy Items May Cause Back Pain

Your boss may require you to carry heavy stacks of paper or other heavy items to your desk. Doing so could increase your risk of back, neck or other types of pain. If you don’t feel comfortable lifting or moving something, don’t be afraid to ask for help with the task.
Office workers are susceptible to injuries just like anyone else who goes to work each day. Therefore, it is important that workers and employers work together to ensure that everyone has access to a safe environment. This can improve a worker’s quality of life while also helping to reduce turnover for companies both large and small.

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