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Loosen Up: How to Make Your Company Party Unmissable

Company parties provide you with a chance to bring employees and management together in a non-work environment. This is a time to enjoy letting loose together. Significant others may even be invited so that employees can get to know their co-workers in a more well-rounded sense. Unfortunately, some people feel uptight and anxious at company parties. They may be timid about relaxing and being carefree around this group of people. There are a few steps that you can take to promote a fun, relaxed event that everyone can enjoy.

Choose a Fun Activity or Location

One of the best ideas to consider when planning this type of event is to choose an exciting or fun location. Rather than host the event in a private room at a restaurant, host it at an entertainment venue that features fun activities on-site. An alternative is to bring fun activities to you. For example, you may bring in professional card dealers so that you can host a casino-style party.

Hire a Bartender

Your team understandably wants to avoid getting drunk in front of co-workers and managers, but having a few drinks is a great way for your team to feel more relaxed at your party. Consider hiring an event bartender in addition to a caterer for your event. You may be concerned about liability related to excessive drinking. One way to combat this is to give out two or three drink tickets to attendees. This limits the amount of alcohol that they may consume at the party.

Control Spending

Most partygoers will not know how much a corporate party costs, and if they did, they may not care. However, some people are in a position to worry about company finances. Major company parties can be incredibly expensive, and managers may not feel comfortable at a big event if they see dollar signs everywhere they look. You can reduce this likelihood by planning a more affordable get-together. For example, rather than host a party at a special events room in a hotel or a restaurant, consider hosting it at one of the manager’s homes or even in a park. You also have flexibility regarding the food and drinks that are provided, the type of entertainment or activities available and more.
Each of these tips can help you to create a party that everyone can enjoy. In fact, employees and executives alike may look forward to attending this party after they learn about all of the great plans that you have made.

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