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How to Make ‘Boring’ Improvements that Supercharge Your Business

As you look toward the future and try to find effective, smart ways to improve your business, you understandably may be focused on some of the more eye-catching or obvious improvements. However, things, like revamping your website and renovating your retail space, may have more cosmetic oomph than financial benefit on your business over the long term. If you are looking for serious improvements that can yield major returns, consider how some of these rather dull improvements may yield transformational benefits.

Update Your Energy Source

Most businesses spend a small fortune on energy, and there may be several more cost-effective options available than what is currently being used. For example, if you are currently pulling energy off of the grid to power a manufacturing facility, investing in a steam generator may be more financially viable. Solar energy or wind energy are great sources to consider for office or retail power. While there will be a major financial investment associated with changing energy sources, the return can be enjoyed for potentially decades.

Migrate to the Cloud

Another rather unglamorous improvement that may benefit your business substantially is to embrace cloud-based computing. Most larger companies are already working in the cloud, such as to save and share files. However, some smaller companies have not yet made this move. This may seem like it would be a complicated endeavor that requires a considerable financial investment and a steep learning curve. However, adopting and using this type of technology is easy and affordable. It enables you and your team to improve collaborative efforts, to work remotely more easily and more.

Adopt Lean Thinking

Lean is a managerial style that is wholeheartedly embraced by many companies today as a form of continual improvement. The goal is to constantly seek new ways to improve and to think outside the box to innovate creative and beneficial alternatives. These improvements should help the company to conserve money and resources while also improving the customer experience in various ways. More than that, Lean is focused on continuous improvement. It is always a work in progress rather than something that is achieved.
Each of these improvements can be applied in different ways based on your business model and operational processes. While they may not be glamorous or exciting improvements, they can provide your entire company with substantial benefits and may be exactly what is needed to help you compete squarely with your top competitors.

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