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Need Friends at Work? 4 Easy Ways to Become the Office Favorite

Work is a lot more enjoyable when you enjoy the company of your coworkers. If you’re having trouble fitting in, don’t think you’ll never be able to. With a bit of friendly effort, you can make a great impression on your coworkers. Here are four easy ways to become the office favorite.

Bring Coffee

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up, and for many people, that’s coffee. If you bring in coffee for the office, you will be considered something of a deity by your coworkers. Go to your local coffee shop and get enough for everyone. If you can’t afford to be buying full cups of coffee for everyone, you can try ordering special flavor additives from sites online like 11th Street Coffee, or picking some up from your local coffee shop next time you’re in. Get a variety of additives that will appeal to the tastes of different coffee drinkers and keep a stash for your coworkers. Next time they’re getting their morning caffeine, they’ll know they can count on you to have what they need to give their brew an extra kick.

Use Your Creative Talents

Do you love sketching, crocheting, or some other creative pursuit? You should find a way to share this with your coworkers. Find a good moment to bring them up and offer to make something for your coworkers. You could draw sketches of your coworkers or make them hats for the winter. Even if you’re not working in a creative field, you can still express your unique sensibilities in the office that will show your talents while bringing a smile to your coworkers.

Learn to Give Compliments

People love compliments, but there’s a difference between compliments and flattery. Compliments are sincere whereas flattery tends to come with a caveat. When a coworker does something well or you’re impressed by their thinking, let them know. They’ll be very grateful to know they’re being recognized, and they’ll be likely to grant you compliments in return. If you’re shy, you might try sending an email or leaving a note on the desk. Just make sure your compliments are kept professional.

Find Little Ways to Help

Offices don’t just function on their own. They need dedicated individuals who are willing to help out, even when nobody else will. This means replacing the ink cartridges in the printer, cleaning up the break room and agreeing to stay late when needed. It might not be glamorous, but it will show that you’re someone who is thoughtful and will come through for the office.
None of these methods are difficult to implement and they all you show your coworkers how much you appreciate them. As you do more favors for your coworkers, they’ll show appreciation in return and open up to you. Your workday can be made much better when you’re working with friends.

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