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How Can I Make My Injury Claim Stronger?

How Can I Make My Injury Claim Stronger?

If you have had an accident that was someone else’s fault, it is your right to make a claim. This includes cases of road traffic accidents, slips, trips, and falls in a public place or workplace, medical negligence, psychological illness caused by stress at work, a physical or psychological injury sustained by a victim in the course of a crime, plus much more. What each type of claim has in common is that it’s either the result of a physical injury, disease or illness, or a psychological injury or illness. The amount of compensation you can claim and the amount of time it will take to fulfil your claim varies from case to case.

It can be a very stressful process waiting for an injury claim to go through, which begs the question: How can I make my injury claim stronger?

How Can I Make My Injury Claim Stronger?

Understanding the Injury Claim Process

If you have had an accident that was some else’s fault, the injury claim process begins the moment you go ahead with a law firm such as Accident Advice Helpline. The process starts with an assessment of your claim followed by the collection of all necessary documents and information, documents and information that’s critical to your case such as doctor’s notes and proof of lost earnings. It is this information and these documents which determine how strong your injury claim is – without them, a case will be significantly weakened.

So the best way to make your injury claim stronger is to make sure that you have all of the information and documents that your law firm needs.

Your Injury

Your physical or psychological injury is going to determine the amount of compensation you are likely to receive and how long the claim process will take. It is imperative at this early stage that you are assessed by one or more doctors for a professional evaluation of your injury. In the injury claims industry, this process is referred to as a medical assessment. The medical assessment will be performed by a doctor and this information will be used in your case. In some circumstances, it is beneficial for more than one medical assessment to be performed.

So to back up our point above about documents, medical assessments are essential for a successful and strong injury claim.


Reviewing your case with your law firm and sharing all of your injury-related documents is the best way to make your injury claim stronger. By disclosing all the facts of the injury without any misleading information your new claim will look stronger and have the potential for a positive result.

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