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Dressing for slim men as per their body Type

sleeve2Irrespective of the type of body that you might have been gifted by nature, you should try and make best of what you have to look attractive and more confident. In this article we shall discuss about areas varying from fashion to grooming so that the skinny men can make serious efforts to look their best. One might be thinking that skinny people are lucky in the department of wardrobe but that is not the cases as mostly they are found struggling for suitable clothes. Many clothes are designed to suit thin people but still some of them highlight their slim bodies a lot.

The difficulties being faced by thin persons are certainly different than husky guys but some rules can still be followed for making shopping easier. So the slender persons have to follow the under mentioned rules for dressing well:

1.   Go for the shoulder pads: Heavy shoulder pads might make you appear like a secretary of 80’s but the light shoulders pads will not only add extra bulk but will also help in defining your shape. Use of pads is a nice way of enhancing your physique. It is always advisable to go for light or medium shoulder padded suits or shirts because heavy ones might make you appear huge.

2.   Avoid wearing huge accessories: Avoid huge accessories such as sunglasses, watches and bags even if you are eager to use some great Jabong offers. If heavy watch is worn, attention will be drawn towards the slim wrists. The accessories should suit your figure.

3.   Layer up: A dress shirt could be worn under the sweater or a blazer. This will create the illusion of a better physique. Wear dress or statement shirt under the sweater, jacket, coat or blazer. For adding glamour a cravat could be wrapped around your neck. This particularly looks good on thin guys.

4.   Have more heavy sweaters: Bulky sweaters can be problematic and in fact be a nightmare because these can give you a bigger look than what you actually are but are a great trick for the thin persons. Get some good quality heavy sweaters with Zovi coupons for clothes.

5.   Have your trousers altered: You might be having trousers which fit you properly at the waist and also the thighs but what about the calves? This area is normally neglected by most of the people, but by having a trip to your tailor to get little tapering will solve your problem to a great extent.

6.   Purchase the clothes which fit well: It could be tempting to opt for clothes that are little loose so that you can hide your shape. But you will actually appear thinner than you are if you wear loose clothes. See the latest coupons and deals at before you make your purchase.

7.  Avoid the vertical stripes: The vertical stripes are actually used as trick to make the people appear thinner but that is what the thinner people have to actually avoid.

8.   White color is your friend: Not many people have the courage to wear color from toe to head but these colors are likely to highlight your imperfections. White color is the best friend of the slim persons.

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