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10 flowers for the woman you love

10 flowers for the woman you love

Be it love, friendship or you want to seek forgiveness, when sending flowers to a girl make sure that the flowers you send convey the right feelings. In the Victorian days, flowers were sent to convey romantic feelings. Each flower has a special meaning. Given below are some of the popular flowers that are perfect for women. You can send these to your girlfriend, wife, or the woman you like.

  1. Iris-Iris’s are extremely gorgeous to look at. Just send her a single flower and she would love it to the core. The flower is symbolic of hope, wisdom, courage, faith, and admiration.
  2. Sunflowers-bright and cheerful, these flowers bring a smile to every face. Symbolic of adoration, loyalty, and longevity, sunflowers can be given to the woman you admire and love sincerely.
  3. Wild flowers-if the girl you love is spontaneous and full of live, give her a bouquet of wild flowers. The flowers stand for spontaneity and thoughtfulness. You can add lilacs or orchids to wild flowers to create a beautiful floral arrangement for your lady.
  4. Lilac-symbolic of youthfulness and innocence, these flowers are ideal for girls. Send a bouquet of lilies to tell her that you value her innocence and youth.
  5. Carnations-the ruffled appearance of carnations make them so adorable and pretty. Though carnations come in all possible colors, you may give pink carnations as they stand for love, admiration and fascination.
  6. Orchids-symbolic of love, beauty, and elegance, orchids are exotic flowers that most women love. You can create a bouquet entirely of orchids or add other varieties to create a wonderful assortment for that someone special.
  7. Lilies– simple, yet elegant, most women love these flowers. Lilies convey friendship and devotion. You can give these flowers when out for a date or dinner or when you visit her at her home. She would be surprised with your lovely gesture.
  8. Tulips-if you are buying anniversary flowers or you want to send birthday flowers to that someone special, you can send tulips. The flower means perfect love. They make beautiful, meaningful and thoughtful gift for special occasions.
  9. Daisy-daisies stand for innocence, cheerfulness, and purity. If you wish to appreciate these virtues in your woman and want to make her feel loved and cared for, send her daisies. You can create a bouquet on your own by picking some from the local florist. Put them in a vase or tie them loosely with a ribbon to impress her.
  10. Rose-almost every girl loves them. They stand for true love and romance. Put them in a vase or arrange them in a bouquet, roses are sure to leave her enthralled. She would be in awe to get a bouquet of deep red roses from you. But make sure that she loves you too and shares the same emotions as you. Otherwise choose from other color of roses.

Send any of the above flowers to your girl to make her feel loved and cared for.



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