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Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?

Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?

Natural remedies or organic products are gaining a lot of interest today as people look for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. Chances are you might have heard about the practice of oil pulling and claims that have been made about oral health benefits. It involves using a teaspoon of edible oil (usually coconut oil) to swish around in your mouth as a way to care for your teeth. Some of the benefits it’s said to offer are healthier gums, plaque removal even whiter teeth. Before you try this practice you might be interested to know that oil pulling won’t offer any significant benefits. Let our Surrey childrens dentists explain.

Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?

Origins of The Practice

Oil pulling is not a new idea and has been around for hundreds of years in South Asia and Indian medicine according to a recent study. South Asian and Indian cultures consider oil a healthy ingredient for body tissue and believe that the oil swished and pulled through the mouth removes bacteria that can lead to plaque and gingivitis. Add to that some claims that oil pulling results in whiter teeth and decreased sensitivity and it’s no surprise that people are trying it. With such wide interest in natural remedies this practice has gained renewed interest, in fact some people are spending up to 30 minutes a day they are so convinced of the benefits.

Scientific Proof

The reality is that no scientific proof exists to support claims made of any possible benefits to adding oil pulling to your routine. It’s not recommended or endorsed by any associations of dentists in the country and may even cause diarrhea or stomach upset. On top of all that olive, sesame and coconut oil taste horrible.

Other Solutions

When you looking for ways to whiten your teeth there’s no need to try the latest idea someone has dug up. Your corner drugstore has a few options such as toothpaste that contains hydrogen peroxide to help whiten teeth. If it’s a quicker result you’re after talk to your dentist about professional methods that can be done in office to achieve that whiter smile you’re after.

Oil pulling is one of many ideas that has gained interest as many of us look to natural remedies and believe the oral health claims. When you have something that is untested it doesn’t compare with methods that are backed with research and proven to be effective.

Looking for methods to whiten your teeth, contact Smiletown Dentistry North Delta and find out how we can help you achieve a brighter smile.

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