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The Importance Of Wearing A Retainer After Orthodontic Treatment

The Importance Of Wearing A Retainer After Orthodontic Treatment

Finally after many months or even years the big day arrives and the braces are being removed. But wait a minute it’s not done just yet your Orthodontist is going to recommend you follow up by wearing a retainer for awhile. In order to hold your teeth in their new, proper position and allow the gums, ligaments and bones to adapt. While it might only be necessary to wear the retainer at night for some patients they will be instructed to wear them during the day. Listed here are the different kinds of retainers with an explanation of the differences.

The Importance Of Wearing A Retainer After Orthodontic Treatment

Hawley Retainers

The most common type of retainer used after patients have their braces removed is the Hawley retainer. Impressions are made of the teeth so it fits snugly and comfortably in the roof of the mouth while the wire and acrylic framing keep teeth in an ideal position. Removable these retainers can be personalized with a large number of colors and patterns it typically surrounds the six anterior teeth to keep them in place.

Essex  ( clear ) Retainers

Using a mold made of your teeth will ensure this retainer fits over the entire arch of teeth snugly and comfortably. Clear or transparent the Essex retainer is removable similar to and Invisalign clear aligning tray and has no metal or wires. Often used to produce minor tooth movements and can be helpful in preventing tooth wear due to tooth grinding at night.

Bonded Retainers

Unlike the other types of retainers these bonded lingual retainers are cemented directly to the inside of your lower canines. Your orthodontist will encourage patients to be careful with their bite as the bonding may break and result in incorrect biting and cause teeth to shift. While it may be more difficult than with a removable retainer the bonded retainers must be kept clean as well. Extra care is needed when brushing to carefully clean the inside of lower teeth as well as the wire itself.

The retainer stage starts once the braces have been removed and are an important part of the orthodontic treatment. Worn full time typically for the first nine months except while eating, brushing and flossing daily.

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