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Different Foot Care Products

If you’ve recently started thinking about caring for your feet more, you’re probably browsing some of the many different types of foot care products available online and in the shops. Perhaps you’ve recently developed sore feet because you’re running around a lot more in your new job, or you’ve got a foot condition that requires you pay more attention to your feet daily in order to stop the condition progressing. Whatever the reason for your recent dedication to foot care, you’ve got a lot of amazing products to choose from to help you keep your feet pain free, soft, moisturised and glowing!

Here are just a few different types of foot care products and what they do:


Insoles come in many different shapes and sizes and can be purchased as they are, or custom made to fit your shoe shape and size. Some insoles are designed to realign your feet and ankles to promote normal foot function, and some insoles are designed to help cushion the impact on certain areas of your foot. Insoles can also be used to protect footwear itself if you’re prone to sweaty and smelly feet and need to protect an expensive shoe from absorbing the moisture and smells from your feet.

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Foot Files

Foot files come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Some are meant as skin buffers and are designed to simply remove any loose dead skin that might be on the foot. Some foot files are a lot harsher and are designed to remove hard skin and calluses from feet. Foot files that are designed to remove hard skin tend to have a metal part on them that looks like a grater. Some foot files designed for this use are electronic so you simply hold the device to your foot while it does the work for you – these are useful if you struggle with mobility.

Foot Cream

Foot cream is usually used after the hard skin has been removed or after feet have been washed and dried. Foot cream can be applied throughout the day and comes in thousands of different consistencies, fragrances and with various different ingredients. Some foot creams are simply designed to provide basic moisture to the foot, and to make the foot smell nice. Some foot creams are specifically designed to provide deep moisture and tend to be used by people who suffer from hard skin, corns and calluses. For the best results, apply moisturiser and wait a few minutes before putting socks on – this enables the moisturiser to absorb into your skin properly.

Toenail Clippers

Toenail clippers come in many different shapes and sizes. There are four main types of toenail clippers which are;

Guillotine Nail Clipper

This is the type of nail clipper that is used most often. To use it you simply put the nail you want to cut in between the sharp blades and squeeze to cut the nail off. Guillotine nail clippers can be curved or straight.

Nail Scissors

Small fingernail scissors should never be used to cut nails as they simply aren’t designed to be strong enough to cut through thicker nails. Use them instead to trim cuticles and loose skin from around the nail.

Lever Nail Clipper

These are multi-functional nail clippers that can file the nail, clip it and remove dirt from underneath it.

Nail Pliers

Nail pliers are similar to normal pliers, only they have blades attached. Nail pliers are excellent if you need a strong tool to cut through your nail.

Cutting toenails incorrectly over time can lead to ingrown toenails, infections and on occasion – deformity. To make sure you cut the nails correctly use the proper tools and purchase them from a reputable retailer like

Foot treatments

Foot treatments can be things like; verruca ointment, corn plasters, athletes foot cream and cracked heel cream. Foot treatments bought on the high street can be extremely effective, and are certainly worth a try if you think you have time to dedicate to using them regularly. However, if you have a problem that is causing you extreme pain or discomfort, you should seek advice from a chiropodist or GP as soon as possible as the problem may need professional attention or be a sign of something more serious.

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