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6 Pieces Of Wedding Decor At The Estate Wedding Venue

6 Pieces Of Wedding Decor At The Estate Wedding Venue

Décor is an integral and a very important part of the wedding planning. The endeavor should be that everybody attending the wedding should appreciate the décor because that makes the first impression on the guests on arrival. Even a simple wedding venue can be converted into a beautiful and memorable place by doing the right kind of décor. The décor can be planned in a simple and elegant form or could be based on a particular theme which can give it a distinction to be remembered for a long time. It can be quite useful to have the guidance and support of a professional wedding planner for the same but at the same time it could be quite thrilling if done in style of do it yourself. It is important to have a thorough look at the venue as soon as possible so that the areas or points to be highlighted can be planned accordingly.

6 Pieces Of Wedding Decor At The Estate Wedding Venue

  1. Lighting can Make All the Difference

The lighting arrangement at the wedding venue can make or mar the whole looks of the venue. It is not necessary to have very expensive lighting décor or to hire a professional for doing the same. The lighting planned with a little bit of imagination or creativity can give make all the difference to venue. There is no need to flood the place with lights nor should it be so dim so as to give the feeling of a club.

  1. Entryway should be Beautiful

Dressing up the entryway beautifully seems like welcoming guests in itself. The guests start feeling the ambience of the place right from the entry itself and cheers up even a guest reaching the wedding venue after a long drive. The entryway can be decorated with greenery, flowers and subdued lights. A big photograph of the bride along with the groom in the passage way to the main lobby seems as though the guests are being welcomed by wedding couple in person.

  1. Make the Difference with a Theme Décor

A theme based decoration could be as simple as pairing a color, a monogram or a flower whereas on the high end the entire place could be spruced up to look like a palace or may be just like countryside. The repeat of an element on the venue makes it unique, personalized and memorable for a long time to come.

  1. Think Different

Thinking out of the box always adds charm and beauty to the wedding venue. Instead of planning many round tables a sleek and long banquet table would look more beautiful in a modern space like hunter valley gardens wedding.

  1. A Big Center Decoration Piece

A well sized decoration article created little imaginatively can give the place a different look altogether. If a beautiful fountain is created in the center, particularly in summers and some sitting spaces are created around it, the guests can really enjoy it.

  1. Small Details are Important

Little touches of small imaginative creations can make the party extra special without many expenses.

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