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Your Ultimate Weight Loss Journey Culminates in Body Contouring

Anyone who goes through serious efforts to lose weight must take full advantage of it. Once you’re in that zone, working hard to lose weight, you will also be in a good position to adopt better habits that can help you sustain a healthier life. These healthier habits can be motivating as you move along through your weight loss process, and it’s not uncommon to aid your efforts for optimum results with surgical options from renowned services such as Body Contouring Atlanta services. With experts like Dr. Crispin, you will have all the advice and expertise you need for body contouring in Atlanta.


Body Contouring in Atlanta by Dr. Crispin

Below are few common surgical methods for ensuring great contours. These methods are considered the best approaches to body contouring by Dr. Crispin in Atlanta. His approach in terms of which parts of your body to deal with first is said to be among the very best for a great result and quicker recovery.

When you lose weight after having a mass of flesh on you for a while, your slimmer look can make you look deflated. While you may get into a great routine after going through your weight loss program, you may not look that great. So, surgical remedies can fix this for you, especially in areas of your body such as the flanks, buttocks, arms, breast, abdomen and legs.

The procedures that deal with these body parts are divided into three phases, and each of these phases takes around 6.5 to 7 hours to carry out. Basically, these procedures are aimed at removing and reshaping your skin, but the results make it worth it.

Part One – Circumferential lower body lift

The first part of the procedure includes the circumferential lower body lift that is carried out using gluteal augmentation with vascularized flaps. This is done from the flank region, which is an important part of the body concerning surgical correction. When this is set right, it provides a good platform for making more effective aesthetic judgments concerning your breasts and legs.

The three distinct operations carried out at the same time include

  1. A tummy tuck
  2. A flank-plasty; implemented with lateral thigh repositioning
  3. Gluteal augmentation; this includes using the skin of the muffin top and positioning the tissue into the gluteal region to enhance the buttock

When this procedure is complete, it’s considered best to send the patient home because patients tend to do much better at home recovering as opposed to spending time at a hospital, recovering.

Part Two – Upper body lift (bilateral brachioplasties with lateral chest wall reshaping and breast rejuvenation)

Upper arm and lateral chest wall contouring are combined at this second stage of the procedure that is most commonly merged with a breast lift. This brachioplasty comes with very few complications, and patients are most satisfied with the results. All that they have at the end of this is a long scar starting at the elbow that runs up till the armpit and extends to the posterior lateral chest area. Dealing with the breast, however, is almost always a two-step procedure. This is due to the tissue complications after weight loss bearing an abundance of unsupported hanging tissue. This cannot be set right in one stage.

Part Three – Medial thigh lift

The lateral thigh lift is an aggressive liposuction at the medial thigh area. After this, we resect the loose tissue left over after the liposuction is done. The area that is dealt with during this procedure starts from the knee and extends to the groin crease situated on the inner side of the leg.

This line of surgery permits surgeons to tighten the skin transversely, giving rise to a far smoother, firmer leg. Patients find it easier recovering from this operation and they can also get back to performing fairly normal activities within a week. Body contouring Atlanta services make your experience as comfortable as possible for you with their level of expertise so if you should go for body contouring, Atlanta is the best.


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