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Why Should I Invest In Property?

A new short video explains why property is a good choice for investors

The team at Experience Invest explain why property investment is more effective than other forms of investment such as stocks and shares in this new, online video.

In short, property investments are tangible, you can see it, use it, rent it and improve the value of your investment, something that can’t be done with stocks and shares.

Property investments have been consistently growing as an alternative to stocks, shares, private pensions and mutual shares. It’s increasingly common to use property income as either a supplement to retirement income or as the main source of income.

Buyers are attracted by the ever increasing strength of the UK’s housing market and the high likelihood of potential capital gains. With a shortage of houses, these gains are predicted to increase with GDP growth and employment levels.

Property is a versatile investment that can provide high long-term returns via capital growth or regular returns from rental income. Investors can choose which of these areas to prioritise based on their individual needs.

Another benefit of real estate investment is that a Property Management Company can oversee the day-to-day running of the property including letting, repairs and legal issues which can make it an excellent hands-off investment. This infographic helps explain the benefits of fully managed vs self-managed property investments.

Fully managed opportunities also open up investment opportunities across the country, as there is no need to be closely located to the property you own. A property in a different market may provide greater returns to one closer to home. Property Management Companies can take over the whole letting process and use their experience to ensure the property is rented to the most reliable tenants.

This article has been provided by Experience Invest, a London-based property company that focuses on sourcing some opportunities across some of the United Kingdom’s high performing asset classes.

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