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The Benefits Of Forming A Corporation In Switzerland

For businesses considering moving from the United Kingdom, Switzerland is one of the most popular countries for relocation. One of the main benefits to moving a business there is to take advantage of their lower VAT or Value Added Tax rate. However, there are several other benefits to incorporating a business in Switzerland.

Central Location

Depending on the type of business you have, being centrally located in a country like Switzerland makes it easier to get your products to market. Your products can be quickly shipped by rail or via truck to almost anywhere on the European continent. In addition, if your company keeps offices in the UK, you can easily travel back and forth as a flight takes less than two hours and there are approximately 80 flights per day between the two countries.

Educated Workforce

For businesses involved with technology or engineering, Swiss business incorporation is attractive because the populous is highly educated. Most of the population also speaks English, so you do not have to worry about language barriers with a company formation in Swiss. In addition, Switzerland invests heavily into research and development, so it is a business friendly environment for innovative technology companies.

Stable Business Environment

With so many places in the world in chaos, Switzerland has long been a more stable financial and political environment for business. In addition, their legal and regulatory structures are similar to those in the UK, so the learning curve isn’t too steep when relocating your company. With the help of a Swiss business formation company, you should be able to quickly get your business up and running so you won’t have much downtime.

Similar Business Markets

Most products that sell well in the UK will also sell well in Switzerland as they have similar markets. Also, the Swiss population is multicultural, which gives businesses a great test market for various products. The population has one of the highest per capita incomes on the continent, so companies selling high-end products should be able to find a market there for them.

Low VAT Taxes

Switzerland has some of the lowest VAT taxes on the continent. Thus, businesses will pay less for the materials used in the manufacture of their products and consumers will pay less at the register. This allows businesses to make higher profits on the products they make and makes those products more attractive to the people who want to buy them.

Help Forming Corporations

There are many companies that will help your business form a corporation in Switzerland and supply everything you need to get your company up and running. They help with both legal and financial issues to get your business settled in Switzerland. They will additionally set up bank accounts, find manufacturing or business offices for your company, and even make sure you have the personnel you need to run your company.

Forming a corporation in Switzerland has many advantages for companies from the UK and other countries, including paying lower taxes and finding a more business friendly environment for technology companies.

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