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Considerations for Setting Up a Construction Site

Setting up a construction site can be a complicated process if you don’t plan ahead. No one wants to get halfway into a major project only to realize that they don’t have basic amenities for their employees or enough space for the equipment. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to set up a construction site that is safe, efficient, and ergonomic.
Food and Water Stations
One of the first things that you need to do when planning out your construction site is find an area for food storage and potable water. Not having designated areas for those amenities is a major health risk, and you could end up with huge fines and fees. For long-term projects, you might want to invest in a larger hydration station that can be refilled each week. You must also make sure that your employees have plenty of potable water for washing up.
Accessible Restrooms
In addition to potable water and a place to store food, you also need to consider renting a porta potty for construction sites. Having an onsite restroom will improve the efficiency of your employees and ensure that they are as comfortable as possible at all times. As a general rule, you want to invest in at least one porta potty per 100 people on the site. For larger sites, you can invest in clusters of porta potties that have designated hand washing stations.
Safe and Secure Storage Area
Theft and vandalism could end up costing your company an incredible amount of money, and that is why you need to have storage sites that are both safe and secure. Even basic security features such as wireless cameras and temporary metal fences will deter most criminals Those who need to store heavy equipment overnight should consider hiring a security company as well. Many of those companies have robust insurance policies that cover theft and vandalism.
Safety Equipment and Signs
When it comes to setting up a construction site, safety should be your primary concern. You must carefully study state and federal laws to make sure that your site is adhering to all regulations. Warning signs and safety barricades will drastically reduce your risk of a major mishap that turns into an expensive legal battle. Site managers also need to double-check all personal safety equipment at the start of each shift.
Every construction site is slightly different, and that means you will need to carefully consider dozens of variables before you break ground. A little bit of planning could help your company avoid serious legal or financial issues down the road.

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