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Why Early Dental Care Is Important


Parents often question the need for early oral care when these baby teeth are just going to emerge then be replaced with permanent ones. Visits to a Childrens Dentist in Vancouver at such an early age can annoy them or fill them with anxiety so how important is it parents may wonder. There are good reasons for starting oral care as soon as these primary teeth begin to appear.

Baby Teeth

Babies begin teething at about six months of age and these teeth are replaced with their adult teeth between 6 and 13 years of age. It is important to take good care of a child’s baby teeth because they allow children to properly chew and digest all the nutritious food they need for a lifetime of good health. Baby teeth are placeholders as they create room in the child’s mouth for their permanent or adult teeth.

Good, healthy baby teeth serve a very important function for their adult teeth to replace them. Losing a tooth to decay too early due to decay might not allow enough room for adult teeth to grow in properly, the result could be crowding or misaligned teeth. A variety of different bite issues could be a consequence as well as speaking or eating problems and proper teeth cleaning might be difficult.

Starting your child’s oral care as soon as their teeth emerge can help prevent cavities or even the future need for uncomfortable and usually expensive Orthodontic procedure such as retainers or braces.

Start Early

Your child’s oral care and starting early will be the beginning of a lifetime of oral health for them. By setting a good example, parents are ensuring their children will continue visiting the Vancouver Pediatric Dentist regularly when they are grown up. Regular visits to the Dentist is fundamental to good oral health so starting your child at an early age will establish good oral health for a lifetime. Those early visits will give them a chance to feel comfortable during checkups and the strange equipment. If the time comes for further procedure they will feel less anxious and more comfortable during the appointment. Healthier teeth lead to fewer dental procedure which result in fewer negative experiences in the Dentist’s chair, children who have negative experiences avoid visiting the Dentist. Positive experiences as children grow up means they will continue to view a visit to the Dentist regularly as part of their overall health plan. There are many benefits for your child, the benefits for a lifetime, so start as soon as their primary teeth emerge.


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