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Why Dental Implants Are Good for Your Health As Well As Your Smile

dental implants Delray

Having a beautiful and smile is a gorgeous look on every person. Smiling at another person is often a contagious action that can brighten someone’s day and make them smile themselves. However, not every person is blessed with a beautiful smile and that is why many people get work done on their teeth. Dental implants are a very popular and permanent way to improve how your smile looks. They are often gotten to replace missing or unappealing teeth and offer more appealing and comfortable alternatives to bridges and dentures. So while dental implants offer a cosmetic fix to the appearance, they can also have benefits to the health of the person. Here are the reasons why dental implants are good for your health as well as your smile and why you should get them done by a dentist in the Delray area.

How Dental Implants Work

Obtaining a dental implant is, basically, surgically placing an anchor into your jaw that will eventually have a brand new tooth attached to the top. Titanium, which is one of the materials used to create the anchor, is safe for the body and does not cause any harm to your health. As a matter of fact, the bone in your mouth will grow to join together so that it can support the implant. After waiting for a few months, about three to six months, the implant is prepared to receive the permanent tooth replacement/prosthetic to be placed on the actual anchor. The three simple steps for implant placement is having a qualified dentist in the Delray surgically place the implant and then allow healing time so that the bone can grow around the implant, a process called osseointegration. Once the bone has grown, the artificial tooth can be placed onto the anchor. If more healing time is required, a temporary replacement can be fabricated until a final restoration can be placed on the implant. As well, immediately after surgery, an implant can also be given a restoration. Dental implants are an easy way to fix the problem of having a missing tooth.

Preserve Normal Tooth Alignment

Most people when they are young get braces or retainers in order to correct the way their teeth are aligned and ensure that their teeth are straight instead of crooked. By having aligned teeth, the teeth are able to support each other by exerting enough pressure to preserve the alignment and maintain a good bite. However, if a tooth is missing, it can mess up the arrangement of the rest of the teeth. The problem with misaligned teeth is that it can cause uneven pressure on your teeth, causing some to receive more pressure than the others. As a result, teeth can wear down and are much more likely to break or crack. In addition, it can create areas within your mouth that are harder to brush meaning you are more susceptible to gum disease or cavities, both serious health concerns. Gum disease can risk a variety of body-wide health problems since bacteria can enter your bloodstream and cause diabetes, heart disease, and a stroke.

Improve Nutritional Health

Many fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods are difficult to eat when missing a tooth because it is hard to bite and chew. As a result, people may not eat the necessary foods so that they do not have to deal with the pain of trying to eat them which can result in a nutrient deficiency. Nutrients affect every aspect of a person’s health, from producing energy to building muscles and a deficiency in certain nutrients can lead to a variety of diseases or other health problems. Such health issues include anemia, weak bones, and coronary artery disease. It is for this reason why maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important for the body and missing a tooth can affect the food that you eat. Dental implants are able to restore the full health and function of your mouth, permitting you to eat all of the foods needed for a good diet and healthy life.

Maintains A Strong Jawline

As previously stated, losing a tooth can cause unnecessary pressure on other teeth in your mouth which can put your jawbone at risk of becoming weak and brittle. If this occurs, it can put you at the risk of losing more teeth in the future. Bones, including the jawbone, in the human body stay healthy by remodeling, which is a process where the old or damaged bone is eliminated and replaced with new, strong bone. However, in order to remodel, the jawbone needs stimulation from the teeth and they require a solid tooth root to convey the stimulation and trigger bone growth. The stimulation may occur when the teeth come into contact as you bite down and chew, it must have the tooth root. With a dental implant, it restores both the tooth and a prosthetic root so that it can continue to protect the health of your jawbone and preserve the alignment of your teeth.

Boosts Your Self Esteem

Another way that getting a dental implant is good for your health is the fact that it boosts your self-esteem by allowing you to smile with confidence, making you feel better about yourself. People with a missing tooth or crooked smile often feel insecure about smiling in public and attempt to hide it from others. The implant makes it easy for you to speak with friends and family without feeling self-conscious about how your smile looks. As well, it is easy to speak with the dental implant so you do not have to worry about it making you sound weird when you communicate with people.

Overall, getting dental implants from a qualified dentist, such as Boca Jaw Surgery, in the Delray area is good for your health. They have the knowledge and experience to make the process even easier than it already is. Do not neglect your dental health because if you do it could  affect your overall health later on. Prevent unnecessary pain and frustration and If you are considering dental implants, contact Boca Jaw Surgery today!

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