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The Truth About Hiring An Attorney

The Truth About Hiring An Attorney

Sometimes, we find ourselves in sticky legal or insurance battles, and unsure sure what to do. While legal counsel would be helpful, it is not always clear whether it is worth the cost. Could you really get more money on your own than if you had to pay a lawyer? Here, we try to explain when the attorney would be worth the payout.

Events That Necessitate an Attorney

When dealing with complicated legal matters, an attorney can help you muddle through the difficulties and see the situations for what they really are. For example, if you are walking past a construction site and a wooden 4″x4″ falls and injures your back, not only will you need an attorney to guide you on what to do, but also to determine what your injury is truly worth.

Additionally, when you are in pain, you need someone with experience and the right frame of mind to deal with the insurance professional who may try to take advantage of your situation. And if you have a specialized injury, like one to your spinal cord or brain, you’ll want to look at hiring a brain injury lawyer who specializes in those specific types of cases.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Beyond the fact that attorneys are in the right frame of mind to help you, they also negotiating every day. They know the laws, rules, and regulations associated with your claim. If the other party makes you an offer, they can help you decide whether you can get a bigger settlement in court, or negotiate for a better offer. These are all things that are difficult to determine on your own.

What Lawyers Do, and How Much They Cost

Attorneys who work on contingency (as many do in situations when someone is injured) work for free up until they’ve gained something for their client. Then, they get reimbursed for their expenses as well as receive a fraction of the settlement. So, if you are in a car accident that was not your fault and your attorney settled with the insurance company for $60,000, you will receive roughly $40,000.

The question is whether you could have gotten even that much on your own. The truth is, probably not. Insurance companies and large corporations have teams of lawyers whose job it is to make sure you see little to no compensation. Battling them on your own is nearly an impossible task.

The attorney receives $20,000, but only because he or she took on all of the stress, negotiations, and guided you through the process while also ensuring you saw the best medical specialists along the way.

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