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The Importance of the Correct Domain Name for your Startup Company

If you are starting a new company then there are many things that you need to pay attention to in order to make sure that it is a success. One of these things is the domain name. Some people do not give this very much thought, but it is actually very important.
A domain name can affect how many people visit your website and whether they can remember it and return. This can have a huge effect on your sales and is therefore extremely important to how well your business does. There are lots of things to consider including those below.
One reason for thinking hard about your domain name is search engine optimisation or SEO. Search engines will look at the content of your website and the domain name and see if they match. Therefore it is wise to make sure that your domain bears resemblance to your website. You may decide to use the company name and therefore this will be on the website. However, some people add more than just the name or use a description of the good or service that they provide rather than the name or as well as the name. It is important to decide whether this makes sense and whether it will work for search engines.
You may feel that SEO is not important. However, it relates to how high you will come up in search result on search engines. This can be key to getting business and it will provide you with free advertising, as if you do not come up high, you will need to pay to advertise on the search engines instead to attract visitors.
Brand Recognition
It is important to make sure that your brand is recognises in your domain name. Customers will immediately be able to see who the website is for and this can help them to trust it. When they see it in search results they will know that it is the official page for your company. It may also help them to remember the domain name if they type it in without using a search engine, which can encourage them to visit the site more.
It is very important that your domain name is relevant to what you do. You may decide to go with the company name, but it may be wise to put something in the domain to indicate what your business does, if the company name does not give this away. This can be a risky decision to make though, as it is possible you may change what the company does and so the domain name may become irrelevant and you may need to change it.
It is very important to make sure that you get the domain name right. This may determine how many people visit the site, how high it comes in search engines and how easy it is to remember. It could therefore have a direct effect on your sales and therefore your bottom line.

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