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Running Events Can Exacerbate Foot Problems

Running Events Can Exacerbate Foot Problems

It is often a common scenario: a runner starts a training program and a month or so after that feels a twinge settling on his knee. When this happens, he stretches the site and pops a pain reliever to alleviate the symptoms, which seem minor at the time. After about 100 Running events later, he finds himself stretched out on the couch with an ice pack on that same knee, experiencing pain that is beyond what he can endure. That little twinge has led to a health issue for which he was not prepared.

Are We Making Training Mistakes? Are We Wearing the Right Footwear?

According the book, entitled “Born to Run,” which was published in 2009, the running shoe you choose is often the culprit behind a sport’s injury. Therefore, even those small twinges should be considered, whether you are a veteran runner or just starting out in marathon-type activities. The aforementioned book therefore has caused runners to really consider whether or not they are wearing the right kind of shoe and practicing the proper form. Are we repeating training mistakes by what we elect to wear in athletic shoes? Should we really be running on the same side of road for miles and miles, week after week?

Running Events Can Exacerbate Foot Problems

Injuries Take Time to Appear

After all, besides our choice of footwear, we also have to keep in mind that the terrain on which we run can also lead to eventual tears or injuries, especially if we are over 40 years of age. When you take into consideration that approximately 80% of runners have to sit it out annually, who also regularly participate in runs, much consideration should be given to the kind of shoe we wear, the kind of terrain we run over and the time we spend running. We should also note the types of stretches we are doing to supplement our running activities. Some runners should also consider their lack of stretching exercises. As was demonstrated by the example above, running injuries do not just happen overnight. Instead, they evolve over time.

Prevention is Emphasised

Usually injuries that result from running are multifaceted. Therefore, training errors combined with anatomical issues as well as the use of the wrong shoes might all lead up to an injury. Bio mechanists who study injuries in running often find that injury prevention in the sport to be a challenge. Over the last ten years, the science of running has made a shift to focusing on the prevention of injury over concentrating on therapy.

Who Gets Hurt and Why

In order to prevent the risk of injury, you need to be cognizant of your form, the design of your shoes and your training itinerary. Researchers are now studying uninjured runners to see who gets hurt and who avoids injury and the reasons why.

Maintain a Strong Body

In order to avoid injury, the runner’s best form of defence is to make sure his body is strong and healthy. In order to avoid any kind of impact, the muscles and tendons must be strong and a consistent gait must be maintained. If the muscles are weak, the footfalls can differ and cause injury.

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