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Prerequisites To Obtain Citizenship In St Kitts and Nevis

Prerequisites To Obtain Citizenship In St Kitts and Nevis

After becoming an independent territory in 1983, the territory with twin islands has maintained friendly relationships with United State of America that benefit St Kitts and Nevis in a number of ways. This friendship has empowered this territory to strengthen its economy and democratic structure. Despite being the smallest sovereign state in the America, in terms of both area and population, the federation has become an ideal destination to conduct any kind of business. High literacy rate, low taxes and use of English as an official language are few reasons for this level of tremendous success. After observing the benefits of living there a number of successful entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals become interested to gain the rights to live like a legal resident in this Eastern Caribbean nation.

Prerequisites To Obtain Citizenship In St Kitts and Nevis

Here I am sharing few general but essential requirements and documents required to complete the application process.

Crime free record, whether you are applying as an individual or you are submitting the application for the whole family, there should be no criminal offenses on you or with any other family member. The criminals are rejected straight away at the first step.

Substantial bank balance, this is another must have every applicant has to fulfill before starting the process. This is because state authorities will demand to invest a specified amount soon after issuing the nationality.

A licensed local lawyer, you can’t avoid hiring a reliable local lawyer. He is the person who is eligible to present your case in front of authorities. You can’t do it yourself not only because the government doesn’t allow, but also due to unfamiliarity with regional laws.

Documents required

Irrespective of the kind of St Kitts and Nevis citizenship you are applying for, being an applicant you have to complete certain documents and fill out forms to precede application process. Documents must be prepared in English.

Legal proof of possessing investment capital is needed.

Application form (C1) of the principal applicant in the group.

Signature certificate and photographs along with medical certificates, including recent reports for HIV test not older than three months. HIV report is required for all family members including, children.

Attested copies current passport and national identity card and fresh passport size photograph taken not more than 6 months back.

Certified birth certificate or family book is also required to display complete details of your parents. Whereas original police certificate not older than 6 months is also required to prove that you are living in the country for more than ten years. However, certified copy of Military certificate is also required if applicable.

In case of obtaining economic citizenship, a bunch of documents is also required from the main applicant, which includes Escrow Agreement, investment confirmation, real estate contract original bank reference letter from an internationally recognized bank that should not be older than 6 months.

Summary: Good news is that anyone can apply to become the lawful resident of this territory, as long as he/she fulfills all the prerequisites to obtain a passport.

This blog post is written on behalf Elevay citizenship St Kitts and Nevis.

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