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Planning For Your Best Friend’s Stag Party

Your best friend asked his girlfriend to marry him. Then he asked you to be his best man…which means you’ve got to throw a stag party for him. The best stag party EVER! You want him to have one more night of freedom before entering a life of monogamy. So where do you begin?

Planning For Your Best Friend’s Stag Party

If you Love your Best Mate you need to Plan the Stag do Like a Ninja!

First, consider what your friend likes. Does he enjoy a good drink and dancing? Or is he more of an outdoors men, ready for any adventure? The length of the stag party is also important to figure out ahead of time. Are you looking to host only for a night or do you want to make the party last all weekend? Consult with the other groomsmen as needed during the planning stage.

So what are you going to do on your Stag Party?

Once you have decided how long the party will be, there are several activities to consider. Some of the usual activities include bar hopping, gambling, and going to strip clubs. Should you choose these, make sure you have enough cash available for everyone and plan out a route for the coolest bars (and find a designated driver or taxi service if the bars are not within walking distance of each other). Other things to do for a stag party include attending a comedy club act or dancing at a night club. All of these activities are the usual choice for stag parties.

Non-traditional Stag Party Ideas

However, in the past few years, there has been an increase in non-traditional stag party activities. For instance, some guys are now including wine tasting and paintball in their stag parties. Go-karting and clay pigeon shooting are also fairly new stag party activities. These are great alternatives for guys who would rather make a weekend of the party and enjoy some time outside.

Once you have an idea of the activities you want to include in the stag party, you need to figure out where to go for the chosen activities. Fortunately, there are several companies out there today that will help you plan the perfect stag party. They can give you several activities to choose from. One company, Beamish Wild, even offers a high ropes adventure course for stag parties. Other companies offer multiple activities at a discounted price. Some of these companies offer packages that include room and board as well, so you have an easier time planning the best stag party for your friend.

Stag Party Planner or do it yourself?

Should you choose not to use a party-planning company, you’ll need to conduct your own research for prices and accommodations for the activities and any overnight stays you plan to incorporate into the stag party.

In any event, you’ll need to give the groom and other guys attending the stag party enough time to prepare for the party, especially if it is going to be an overnight or all weekend event. Have the total cost per person available and book in advance as early as possible to avoid any issues. You might also want to run your party plans by some of the other groomsmen to make sure the activities sound appropriate for the groom. You would hate to sign him up for a wine tasting tour if he is only a beer drinker

Feel Proud this Stag Party is All Down to you – so make it One to Remember

All in all, you should feel privileged to be called your friend’s best man. Put some time and thought into planning the stag party, but don’t over think it. The point of a stag party is to have fun and enjoy some male bonding before entering matrimony. As long as you take into account the groom’s interests and do some research to compare the best activities and hotels, the stag party should be a hit!

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