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15 Important Event Planning Terminology

15 Important Event Planning Terminology

The event planning industry uses a lot of terminology. With such a fast-paced environment, it’s best to memorize them yourself. To help you out, we’ve shortlisted 15 important ones that you can start with.

15 Important Event Planning Terminology

Event Planning Terminology: The Basics

If this is your first time in event planning, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics first.

  1. Across the Board: A phrase used to refer to pricing that includes all hidden fees (ex. taxes, gratuities, etc.). This basically refers to the all-inclusive price.
  2. Blackout Dates: Unavailable dates due to a result of high demand and limited availability. This usually occurs over major holidays.
  3. Proposal: A document indicating a plan or suggestion of services that’s been submitted for consideration.
  4. Site: The venue or location of the event.

Event Planning Terminology: Contracts

Keep these in mind when you have a contract in hand.

  1. Deposit: A partial payment to reserve or secure a certain product or service. This amount is usually part of a larger sum. Make sure to check your agreement carefully to determine if the deposit is refundable.
  2. Force Majeure Clause: Usually found in a venue or vendor contract. This contract provision limits the liability of the venue or vendor should there be an unexpected event or something happened beyond their control, a natural disaster, for example.
  3. Guarantee: This refers to the confirmed number of meals or servings that needs to be paid for whether or not the resources are actually used at the event. Some venues typically require a 72-hour guarantee before the event.
  4. Master Account: An account that has been set up with the venue where authorized charges incurred by a group can be charged.
  5. Plus plus: Commonly reflected as “++”, this refers to the tax and gratuities charged by a venue not included in the price.
  6. Rider: This terminology refers to a change in a contract.

Event Planning Terminology: F&B

Take note of these important terms because every event involves food and beverage:

  1. Banquet Captain: Refers to the lead person in charge of managing the event’s food service.
  2. Banquet Event Order (BEO): This may also be called a Function Sheet or an Event Order. The BEO is a document that reflects instructions and a timeline of how the event will be run.
  3. Covers: The actual number of served meals. This can either be higher or lower than the guarantee.
  4. Host Bar: More commonly known as the open bar. This is where the event host picks up the bar tab and guests drink for free.
  5. Overset: This term refers to the number of meals or settings prepared by the venue that is above what you have guaranteed. This is usually 2% to 5% of your guarantee.

Make sure that the event planner you hire knows all of these terminology and more. If you’re interested in organizing an event, get in touch with a trusted event planner soon!

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.

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