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Top Gadgets You Can Use For A More Efficient Event

Top Gadgets You Can Use For A More Efficient Event

Saying that planning an event is hectic is an understatement. Event professionals are always on the go and have at least a couple of tasks to do at any given time. No matter where you are, there’s always the need to access something online, show something to the team or clients, or to capture a moment that will last forever.

Top Gadgets You Can Use For A More Efficient Event

Here, we have rounded up five gadgets you can use for a more efficient event.

  • Mobile Hotspot

For people on the go, everything should be accessed through the Cloud or SharePoint. Connecting to the internet is very important for event professionals. You can use it for video live feeds, accessing your email for last minute concerns, and to update your social media during the event. Staying connected is vital in running a successful event.

  • Power Packs

Portable battery chargers or power packs have become vital for people who are always on the go. You don’t want to cut short a meeting or a phone call with a client just because your tablet or cellular phone ran out of juice.

  • Digital Tape Measures

The handy digital tape measure can be your lifesaver in designing spaces for your event. When preparing for an event, there’s always the need to measure if the space will fit tables or if the ceiling is high enough to accommodate the video screens. Having a digital tape measure in your bag will make your oculars easier.

  • Pocket Projectors

There are times that you need to show the event rundown to your team and the small screen of your laptop won’t cut it. Handheld or portable projectors are excellent when you need to show a presentation or files from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Apart from those scenarios, you won’t know when an event projector will fail you. It is always great to have a handy backup plan.

  • Drones

These are not new to the scene, but drones will continue to influence event documentation. Large outdoor events will always require an aerial view of the event for more memorable and amazing footage.

Drones can also capture the number of guests you have in one shot and a great way to show your clients that you can organize huge events. Apart from that, drones can capture amazing footage for event venue previews, and as an added security measure.

These are just some of the top gadgets you can use for a more efficient event. There are many others in the market but having these five gadgets already got the basics covered.

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.

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