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Exciting Uses Of Funny Gifs On Social Media

Exciting Uses Of Funny Gifs On Social Media

The graphics image format has been in use since decades and it went on to become the first ever image formats used widely on the web. Nowadays, gifs play a crucial role in the social media. Especially, funny gifs are commonly found in most of the social Medias. Gifs have also become a growing and pivotal part of internet culture. There has been a fascinating exploration of GIF, which is proven from the report that says that around 23 million gifs are being posted to Tumblr daily, facebook messenger finds millions of pass through every day and slack counts up around two millions integrations every month. Gifs are a great way to transmit emotion or information quickly to a population that is busy with content and supports image-based communication. Funny gifs are available for any kind of social situation that you would find yourself in.

 Exciting Uses Of Funny Gifs On Social Media

Different ways to use funny gifs on social media

To reveal the personality

Social media is itself fun and for what else you spend more time on it. Brands that can manage to remain human and genuinely share can develop a special and deep relationship with their users, and weird, endearing and funny gifs can really be a part of it.

To offer a display of product

To offer your audience a deeper look at your services and products, gifs can display the type of motion and details that can allure shoppers. People can take the advantage of gif to provide viewers a detailed look at the product in a funny way.

To describe the process

Sometimes it is much easier to describe something through image than getting it done with words. Instead of going with how-to’s in a step by step process, following the instruction accordingly or even fast recipes, it is smarter to opt for gif to get exactly what you wish for.

For thanking someone

Showing gratitude by saying ‘thank you’ by means of gif on twitter can offer an additional touch of delight. There are massive fans out there who like making conversation through gifs. There could be any situations where communication through gifs will just feel right.

To prepare a tiny presentation

You may assume that a GIF is very brief a vessel to make a real point. But, you will really be amazed after looking at an amazing mini-presentation that could be shared with the help of this format. Funny gifs can be used to share a mini-screen recording, make a micro-presentation or even develop a simple cartoon to better complement the primary message of your tweet.

To narrate a story

Gifs can be specifically efficient if you need to string more than one still picture together to narrate a story of change or motion over time.

Play an ad

If you have a print or TV advertisement you would wish to have a little more play off it. In such cases, you can convert it into GIF form

To animate the data

A truly fascinating technique to use funny gifs is to make your audience context as a piece of data or as a statistic via an animated graphic or diagram.

To render a sneak peek

If you want to share simply a little look of your future product, upcoming release or big announcement, a funny gif can be the suitable bite-size teaser.

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